Adriel Favela Wife Married Estibaliz Dating Discover the Updates


Adriel Favela, a celebrated norteno singer and multi-instrumentalist, is well known for combining traditional folk elements like corridos and romanticos with contemporary pop influences to produce his unique sound. His personal life has recently received as much attention as his musical endeavors. Internet users are asking about his relationship with Estibaliz and marital status. This article explores Favela’s romance and music career.

Adriel Favela – Music Journey

Adriel Favela, born in Arizona of Mexican parents in 2011, began to make waves in the genre of norteno music with his debut album “Favela por Herencia”. Favela made his breakthrough in 2015 when he released the title track of “Tomen Nota” featuring Los del Arroyo. The song reached the Top Ten for 26 weeks.

Favela’s career has been marked by a series of impressive releases. His albums “Azul Se Mira”, (2017), and “Senalado por Costumbre”, (2018) were ranked in the Top 40 of the Latin Albums Chart. He released 15 singles between 2020 and 2021. His limitless creativity was on display. Fans were particularly fond of tracks like “Maldito,” “Asi Toco Ma Vida,” and “Maldito,” which featured Natanael Cao.

Adriel Favela’s relationship with Estibaliz Bádiola

Favela’s love life gained attention as his career soared. He announced his intention to marry Estibaliz, a media personality and singer, in 2022. The couple attended the 2022 Latin American Music Awards with each other. Their current relationship status is still uncertain. Are they already married, or will a wedding be imminent? Search results are not definitive, so fans will have to wait for updates.

Adriel Favela: Past relationships: a look at his dating history

Favela had a relationship before he met Badiola with YouTuber and model Kiarybel Lara. They even had a baby together in 2019. The couple has not revealed the reasons behind their split.

Favela is a private man who prefers to let his music be the focus of his life. Although his relationship with Badiola attracted a lot attention, there is little information available about his previous relationships.

The conclusion of the article is:

As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Adriel Favela has carved a name for himself in the norteno music genre. Favela, despite the intrigue surrounding his relationship with Estibaliz, continues to concentrate on his music and captivate audiences with his unique sound and style. Fans are eager to know the status of his relationship, but his music continues resonating with audiences around the world.


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