Ahs ‘American Horror Story’ Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Teaser, Story and Other Details


Since 2011, FX’s American Horror Story has taken fans on an amazing ride, becoming one of the highest rated shows ever on cable television. Soon we will embark on its 12th season – promising more surprises and celebrity guest stars along the way. Let’s unravel all we know about this spectacular event.

New Horizons: “AHS Delicate”

The twelfth episode, titled “American Horror Story Delicate”, breaks with tradition. It is based on Danielle Valentine’s thriller, “Delicate Condition,” which was released in August 2023. The series’ first attempt to adapt a novel plot brings a new narrative pulse to the loyal audience. The story revolves around a woman who is haunted by an unknown figure that wants to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant.

Release Date for Ahs Season 12

Two parts of “AHS Delicate” are coming to our screens. Part One will premiere on September 20, 2023. As we wait for the release of Part Two, historical trends suggest that FX may opt to launch in their preferred months.

Behind The Scenes: A Filming Saga

Ryan Murphy revealed that the shooting of the new season will begin in May 2023. The journey was not without its bumps. Halley Feiffer was able to take over as sole writer and showrunner after the Writers Guild of America struck. Murphy’s team rebutted allegations made by Warren Leight and emphasized their commitment to integrity. A turbulent storm was avoided. Despite this, the SAG/AFTRA strike caused a production suspension for “Delicate” Part Two in July 2023.

Stellar Cast Unveiled

The 12th season will feature a compelling ensemble. Matt Czuchry is a highlight, as he takes on the role of Dex. He’s known for his roles on “The Good Wife”, “Gilmore Girls” and other shows. Kim Kardashian will debut as Tanya and Emma Roberts will reprise her role as Anna Alcott. Cara Delevingne and Billie Lourd are among the cast members, assuring viewers of flawless performances.

Paulson and Peters: Series veterans in the spotlight

Sarah Paulson has made a significant contribution to “American Horror Story”, with her involvement in nine seasons. Fans may need to temper their expectations as Paulson hinted recently at taking a break. Evan Peters is another “AHS’ pillar who has been ambiguous in his response to returning after missing the 11th season. Peters’ prior commitments may provide clues but, as of yet, his involvement in Season 12 is a mystery.

Episode Dynamics

The theme of “American Horror Story:Delicate” seems to be consistency. This season is likely to consist of ten episodes that are each an hour long, in line with previous seasons.

Navigating “AHS Universe

Don’t be confused by the nomenclature if you are an ardent fan. The storyline of “American Horror Stories”, FX’s spin-off anthology on Hulu, is distinct. Although there are rumors about the third season, no official announcements have been made.

Delicate is set to bring fresh narratives, stellar performances, and all of the iconic horror elements from “American Horror Story”, including Valentine’s novel providing the backdrop of what could potentially become another masterpiece from AHS.


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