April Peterson Obituary How Did She Died? What Happened To April Peterson?


April Peterson, amidst the charm of Greenville in Michigan, became a symbol for dedication, hardwork, and community service. April Peterson’s untimely death on October 5, 2020, left a void. However, the legacy she created will live on in the annals Greenville’s past.

Quick Facts

Full nameApril Peterson
Date passedOctober 5, 2023
Birth PlaceGreenville, Michigan
EducationCentral Michigan University
Notable VenturesPink + Frillos Boutique, Frugthaven Farm
Community InitiativesSupport local sports teams and promote local agriculture by organizing charity events.
LegacyScholarships in her honor will support students studying parks, recreation and leisure studies

Origins and Education

April Peterson was born in Greenville and lived a life that embodied a hometown hero. In her early years of education, she developed a strong interest in parks and recreation. Her foundational years at Central Michigan University enriched her not only academically, but also instilled a spirit of giving back to her local community. This set the stage for future endeavors.

The birth and impact of Pink + Frillos

Pink + Frillos is a gem amongst the many businesses in Greenville. It became more than just a shop, but a reflection of April’s vision, style and passion. Each item, whether it was chic clothing or eclectic jewelry, was carefully selected to reflect April’s taste. What made April’s boutique so special was her radiant personality. She created a warm, welcoming atmosphere that turned every customer experience into an adventure.

Frugthaven: A testament to sustainability

Frugthaven Farm is located beyond the busy streets of Greenville, a peaceful expanse that is a testament to April Peterson’s vision. April Peterson’s vision of sustainable farming and ecoconscious practices was embodied in this farm. One could feel her love for the earth among the rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the lush green pastures. She also used the farm to educate the local community about the importance of local agriculture, sustainability and the beauty in connecting with nature.

April Community Initiatives and Outreach

April’s spirit wasn’t bound by her business. She was a beacon for hope, ready to lend a helping hand, support a charity, or champion an endeavor. April’s commitment to Greenville, whether it was organizing local events, sponsoring teams or advocating for the local agriculture was evident. April’s initiatives created a feeling of unity among the community, which was emphasized by the many testimonials and memories that were shared in the wake her death.

The Legacy Continues – Honoring April Peterson

Greenville, despite the obvious pain of losing a person as dynamic and inspiring as April Peterson, has taken steps to make sure that her legacy lives on. In order to immortalize her passion for community and education, a scholarship in her name was established. Students who benefit from the scholarship will be reminded about April’s vision, and inspired to give back to their communities, as she did.


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