Baddies East Release Date, Cast, How and Where to Watch Baddies East?


As reality TV series go, few have garnered the intrigue and excitement quite like the “Baddies” franchise. Its unique blend of drama, camaraderie, and confrontation has won over countless fans. With whispers and trailers regarding the release of “Baddies East” swirling, anticipation is hitting fever pitch. Let’s delve into what we know so far about this forthcoming installment.

A Timeline of “Baddies East” Developments

The “Baddies” franchise made waves in the reality TV sphere with its initial offering in 2021. Following the trend, Zeus Network recently revealed a glimpse into “Baddies East”, keeping fans on their toes. The auditions for this segment, the heart of the show’s casting, were showcased on June 18, 2023, with Natalie Nunn, the showrunner, dropping the trailer on May 28. Those keen to join the cast showcased their personalities in auditions held on May 12th in Washington D.C., promising a fresh batch of vibrant personalities for viewers to follow.

Zeus Network: Home to the “Baddies” Franchise

The Zeus Network, an exclusive digital streaming platform known for its reality TV content, is all set to be the launchpad for “Baddies East”. Zeus will offer viewers an entertaining glimpse into the lives, challenges and drama of its cast – just as its predecessors “Baddies ATL”, “Baddies South”, and “Baddies West” did – while featuring different U.S. regions for every season and creating an enjoyable viewing experience every time!

The Casting Process: Finding the Next Baddie

One can’t discuss “Baddies East” without highlighting its engaging casting process. The Zeus Network unveiled the auditions, which saw hopefuls from across the country vying for a coveted spot on the show. The judging panel comprised of stalwarts like Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose, and Tokyo Toni, promising a mix of perspectives in the final selection. As is customary for the franchise, the casting is an event in itself, with fans eagerly dissecting every revelation and speculating on the potential outcomes.

Delving Into the “Baddies” Legacy

For the uninitiated, the “Baddies” series stems from an episode of “The Conversation” on Zeus Network. This episode spotlighted members from the erstwhile popular “Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen, setting the stage for a reality series that blended drama, daily life, and promotional events. Many cast members from the “Bad Girls Club” have made appearances in “Baddies”, adding depth and history to the interactions on-screen.

From its initial season in Atlanta to journeys through the South and West of the U.S., the franchise has given fans a ringside view of diverse personalities in varying locales. With “Baddies East”, this tradition of regional exploration promises to continue, spotlighting the East’s unique vibe and character.

Release Date

“Baddies East” promises to be another thrilling chapter in the “Baddies” narrative. Fans eagerly anticipate its official debut between September to November 2023; one thing is evident – “Baddies East’s” ability to adapt and engage viewers will ensure its place in television history. So whether it be old fan or brand new viewer alike, get ready for an intense yet captivating ride on Zeus Network with “Baddies East”.


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