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Bernie Sanders of Vermont, one of America’s best-known politicians, has long championed working class issues and progressive causes. How has Bernie managed his financial life throughout his long and distinguished political career? Here we take a look.

The Early Years and the Beginnings

Bernard “Bernie Sanders” was born September 8, 1941 to Jewish immigrants living in Poland and attended James Madison High School before going on to Brooklyn College for further studies and earning his degree. Early indications of Sanders’ commitment to justice could be seen through his participation in civil rights demonstrations and student protests.

Sanders moved to Vermont after graduating with his political science degree at the University of Chicago. There he began a political career that faced numerous hurdles at first.

The Rise of Politics and Wealth

Sanders’ net worth was modest in the 1980s but he had already earned a reputation as a Vermont politician by then.

By 1990, Bernie’s financial and political trajectory had undergone significant transformation. After being elected to Congress, his finances saw significant improvements.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth

According to recent estimates, Senator Sanders’ net worth has been estimated at $15 Million USD; approximately 70% (or $7 Million USD) of this sum (or about 70% of his assets total) are invested in real-estate. Sanders owns 10 properties across Vermont and Washington D.C. with some purchasing at discounted prices; these could result in gains up to $4 Million!

Bernie’s portfolio of stocks is valued at around $4.1million, excluding real estate. The Senator’s salary of $205,000, plus book royalties approaching $900,000. totals a generous $2 million.

A glimpse into Sanders’ Luxury

Sanders is known to criticize the ultra-rich and corporations, but he does not shy away from his own luxuries. He recently added a Lexus SUV valued at $120,500, alongside Mercedes, Audi A8 models and Range Rovers, to his collection of cars. Additionally, he surprised his wife with a Mini Cooper equivalent worth around $200k!

A Net Worth Timeline from 2000 to Now

Bernie started with only $100k in assets in 2000. In 2005, the assets had grown to $660,000 and then quadrupled in 2010. In 2015, Sanders’ net worth jumped sharply to $11million. By 2023, Sanders’ net worth will be a very respectable $15 million.

Sanders Influence on Modern Politics

Sanders left an impactful political legacy. As co-founder and candidate in two U.S. Presidential campaigns – particularly 2016 against Hillary Clinton – his wealth soared significantly and increased significantly during each of those races.

Bernie Sanders continues to be a paradoxical political figure, with his mix of politics and wealth. The fact that he has evolved from the streets of Brooklyn to Vermont’s Senate Chamber, while also accumulating significant wealth, speaks volumes about his changing role in American society. Sanders’ financial tale is compelling, regardless of whether you agree with his policies.


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