Beyblade X Episode 1 Release Date, Time, Spoilers, Story and Much More


Beyblade is a series that has captured the hearts of many anime fans. Beyblade, since its conception, has captivated fans through its character-driven stories and intricate battles. Beyblade X is set to captivate a whole new generation with its announcement. We’ll explore what Beyblade X has to offer.

Quick Facts

Detail AspectDescription
SeriesBeyblade X
Release DateOctober 6, 2023
Broadcast ChannelTV Tokyo
Opening Theme“Prove” by ONE OK ROL
Ending theme‘ZOOM ZOOM by aespa
Primary cast membersKensho Ono, Ayumi Tasuji and Ryota Ohsaka
Central PlotThe Xtreme Beyblade League is the next generation of Bladers.
Official TrailerThis guide provides information on new characters, Beyblades and the battle system.
GenerationBeyblade 4th generation installment of the Beyblade Series

Beyblade: The Legacy of Beyblade, and the Birth of Beyblade

Beyblade is a game that has a long and illustrious past. It has been popular with varying age groups ever since it was first introduced. It is a combination of strategy, competitive spirit and friendship that creates a concoction of drama. Beyblade X, the newest installment in this legacy, is the newest edition. It is the fourth generation installment and aims to bring new energy to its legacy while paying tribute to it. The series will be presenting a new storyline, and a battle system that is more advanced. This will ensure both old and new fans find something they enjoy.

The Official Trailer

Fans will enjoy the official trailer of Beyblade X. The trailer features a variety of new characters and Beyblades as well as an upgraded battle system. It alludes to a promising future. The Xtreme Beyblade League will be a place of high-octane action, as the new Bladers compete in fierce competitions. This visual spectacle gives a preview of the rollercoaster of emotions that will be unleashed.

The Stellar cast: Bringing characters to life

Beyblade X is a series that has a dynamic group of characters. Each character was carefully crafted to ensure they contributed to the depth of the storyline. The cast is a mix of established artists and emerging talent. Yuto Hoshi voices Aiger Akabane, while Kensho Ono lends his voice to Daigo Krogami. They will weave a captivating narrative that will make the characters memorable.

Beyblade X and Music: Setting the Mood

Music has played a major role in anime for many years, and it enhances the overall experience. Beyblade X’s decision to work with legendary artists adds an extra layer of excellence. ONE OK ROCK’s opening theme ‘Prove,’ marks the band’s television anime debut, and perfectly captures the essence of the series. The ending theme ‘ZOOM ZOOM,’ by K-pop sensation aespa is sure to resonate with audiences, ensuring that they stay hooked until the very last second.

Global Fanbase and Anticipation

Beyblade X’s announcement has sparked excitement around the world. The forums dedicated to Beyblade X are buzzing with speculations, theories and anticipation. Beyblade has long enjoyed an avid following, and with its latest installment–beyblade X -this community could expand even further. Beyblade X promises an action-packed blend of action, strategy and drama which promises more than an anime experience!

Beyblade X stands as more than just another addition to the Beyblade universe; it represents its lasting appeal as an entertainment experience with captivating characters, captivating soundtrack, and intriguing plotlines that promise an incredible ride for fans worldwide. Fans everywhere look forward to Beyblade’s release!


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