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Brandon Burlsworth is both an inspirational story and a somber warning tale. Tragically, his promising future was cut short when a fatal car accident claimed his life when he was only 22. Having overcome all odds to become an NFL draftee. This blog aims to explore the many aspects of Brandon Burlsworth’s mysterious passing. Its cause is still a source of concern for many who knew him.

Burlsworth: The humble beginnings of Burlsworth in Arkansas

Brandon Burlsworth, born in Harrison, Arkansas on April 28th, 1976, was not initially on the radar for major football programs. He was a player that didn’t meet the size criteria sought by colleges. However, his heart and dedication compensated for any physical limitations.

Walking on: The University of Arkansas Years

Brandon joined the University of Arkansas Razorbacks as a walk on player in August 1994 and did not allow lack of scholarship opportunities to stop him from excelling both academically and athletically despite lacking scholarship options. Soon enough, coaches noticed his grit, determination, and hard work – by 1997 being recognized as an SEC standout performer!

NFL Draft 1999: The Dream is Realized

Brandon’s destiny in football appeared secure when Indianapolis Colts chose him in the third-round draft on April 28, but two devastating injuries ended his playing days and threatened his career.

The details of the tragic accident

Brandon started his last day with a vigorous workout in Fayetteville. Brandon was on his way to Harrison, perhaps to celebrate with friends and family, when tragedy struck. He collided head-on into another tractor-trailer after colliding with an 18-wheeler.

The community mourns the aftermath

Brandon Burlsworth’s death was more than just a tragedy for his family and the professional football world. It was a tragedy which shook the entire community. His funeral was attended by thousands–teammates, coaches, and fans alike–gathering to bid farewell. His interment at Glass Cemetery, in Omaha, Nebraska was surrounded by a flood of love and respect.

The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation: Keeping the spirit alive

Brandon Burlsworth Foundation is a tribute to his spirit, even though his life was tragically cut short. The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation aims to continue his legacy by offering scholarships and opportunities for young people who demonstrate the qualities that made him an outstanding human being — commitment, integrity, relentless effort.

Brandon Burlsworth stands as an inspiring testament to how unexpected events can arise regardless of your plans for life. His unyielding resolve and never-quit approach are still an inspiration to many today. Brandon Burlsworth will likely no longer be remembered as a player from the National Football League despite never actually getting on a field to participate.


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