Chiefsaholic Arrested Find the Essential Info


Xavier Babudar – also known as “ChiefsAholic” – was apprehended after several months on the lam by federal authorities. Babudar had previously been arrested for a bank robbery. He removed his ankle monitor while on bail and avoided authorities.

Babudar Arrest: From fan to fugitive

Xavier Michael Babudar (28), a resident of Overland Park in Kansas, was captured by authorities after a three-month intensive search. This was confirmed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Missouri’s Western District.

Babudar, who was known for wearing an elaborate gray wolf costume to Chiefs games, gained a lot of popularity under the name ChiefsAholic after a recent feature on The FBI’s criminal complaint, which was recently unsealed, reveals that the persona of the sports fanatic is actually an alleged perpetrator who has committed multiple bank and credit-union robberies in the Midwest.

Babudar: Details of the Alleged Crimes

According to the complaint, Babudar targeted banks and stole large amounts of money. This included a heist that involved nearly $70,000 in March 2022 from Great Western Bank, Clive, Iowa. Babudar is accused of laundering the stolen money through casinos and bank accounts in an elaborate scheme that authorities call a money-laundering scheme.

Additional charges may be filed against him as the investigation proceeds. Hannah Labaree Babudar’s public defender stated that the first court appearance was mostly procedural.

Federal charges to be decided by a grand jury

The case is now being sent to a grand juror, who will decide whether or not to indict Babudar for the federal charges relating to the Iowa incident as well as other charges relevant.

According to the FBI’s affidavit, Babudar stole over $845,000. He claimed that he had done so from six financial institutions. He purportedly laundered money by purchasing and redeeming chips at casinos in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois as well as funding himself. His grandest feat was the purchase of over $1.1m worth of casino chips.

Babudar Mystery: Unraveling

In the affidavit, FBI Special Agent Cameron Smith said that Babudar reported no wage in Kansas since 2018, and in any other state in October 2021. The cell phone data, as well as material evidence such gloves that match those used in the crimes, link Babudar with the locations of the robberies.

ChiefsAholic: The Fall of a Fan Community

Babudar’s detention has shocked the Chiefs fan community. He was known as a devoted Chiefs supporter, and was often spotted at games wearing his wolf costume.

The Chiefs Twitter community was a little puzzled by his absence during the season 2022-23. And the news of his arrest after his disappearance left them in utter disbelief.

Chiefsaholic Arrest: The Aftermath

Babudar is accused of bank theft, as well as transporting stolen property across state borders. The Department of Justice claims that cell phone records show a loose connection between him and locations where unsolved bank robberies or attempts to rob banks occurred.

Fans still struggle to accept the fact that a person they once thought was a passionate supporter of their club has now become a key suspect in robberies at banks and shady money laundering schemes. New details about these suspects may emerge as investigations continue. This will shake the collective belief of fans. Babudar’s Twitter account is currently inactive.

Babudar: Charges and Consequences

Babudar, after months of evasion by the FBI, was finally arrested. Babudar is now in custody and awaiting his court appearance. The Chiefs fan community, victims and witnesses eagerly await the verdict as Babudar is charged.


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