Crimson Desert Release Date, Key Features, Spoilers and Much More


Pearl Abyss has been offering MMO services for more than ten years now and are set to release Crimson Desert as their latest masterpiece – this guide should provide all of the information on this highly-anticipated open world game on consoles, PCs and mobile devices alike.

Release Date: Potential Launch in 2024

The release date of Crimson Desert has not been set in stone, despite the rumours. Industry insiders say that the game could be released in 2024. The release of a captivating gameplay trailer on Gamescom Opening Night Live, August 22, 2023, supports this assumption. Pearl Abyss is working hard to create this MMO, alongside their continued support of Black Desert and Dokev.

Broad Horizons: Platform Availability

Crimson Desert for PS5

Crimson Desert, Sony’s exclusive PS5 title, will be released soon. PS4 players should be aware that the title will not be available. The PS5 launch coincides with other platforms’ releases, making it a major event for MMOs.

Crimson Desert for Xbox

S users can also expect Crimson Desert to be part of their gaming library. The game, like its PS5 equivalent, will not be compatible with Xbox One.

Gameplay Highlights – An Eclectic Mix

Recently revealed gameplay footage of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 gives an interesting glimpse into the game. The game includes a variety of activities, from bustling towns with fishing systems and job boards to mysterious monoliths.

Combat System

Some gamers have reported that camera shake can be distracting when playing. No word yet on whether or not this feature will be reduced.

Fantastical Elements

The game seamlessly combines fantasy and reality, with elements such as ents or magical beings. The developers have a lot of experience in creating MMOs so the integration should be seamless.

Environment and Exploration

This game provides an expansive world to discover, from snow-capped mountain ranges and lush fields, all the way through expansive hillsides and snowy regions to snowy terrain, rich fields and expansive hillsides. Activities will range from monster hunting akin to Monster Hunter or Dragon’s Dogma 2, through various farming-oriented missions and various forms of combat such as dragon-fighting or tank combat.

Crimson Desert: A Game-Changer

Crimson Desert is a bold and ambitious MMO from Pearl Abyss, whose experience in the MMO genre shines through. Its simultaneous release on PC and next-gen consoles is a unique move in the MMO genre.

A Revolutionary MMO on the Horizon?

Crimson Desert is already a huge success and could set new standards in open-world and MMO gaming. Crimson Desert’s release date has not yet been announced, but expectations are already high due to the timeline projected and gameplay footage. The game’s potential is what gamers are most excited about. If Crimson Desert reaches its full potential, it could be one of the best MMO games available.


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