Cyberpunk 2077 – Phantom Liberty Release Date and Time Find the Mode and Other Details


Cyberpunk has a new lease of life three years after its turbulent debut. The release of the only planned expansion for the game, Phantom Liberty marks an important milestone on its redemption journey. What’s our assessment? Our assessment?

ParameterRelease Details
PlayCyberpunk 2077
ExpansionPhantom Liberty
PlatformThe PC
Global Launch DateSeptember 25, 2023
Global Launch Time4:00 PM Pacific Time
Additional Time Zones7 PM EDT New York
– 12 AM BST (London), September 26
– 7 AM CST, September 26 (Beijing)
– 9 AM (Sydney), 26 September
Console Release DateSeptember 26, 2023 (Local time Midnight).
Time discrepancyJapan and Australia: 6-12 hours head start
In the United States, there is a 5-8-hour lag

What is the Phantom Liberty expansion?

Phantom Liberty, which will be available on PC on September 25, follows the Cyberpunk 2.0 update that was released on September 21. The expansion promises to take players deeper into the expansive dystopian world, with new characters, plotlines, and missions that will bring closure to unresolved stories. CD Projekt Red clearly has invested three years worth of fixes, patches, and public apologies in order to turn the game’s fortunes.

What is the impact of launch time on players globally?

What time does Phantom Liberty release for PC gamers?

Phantom Liberty has a unique release schedule for its global releases. The PC version of the expansion will be available on September 25, at 4 PM Pacific Time. Here are the times for those who like to keep track:

  • 7 PM Eastern Time in New York
  • On September 26, 12 AM British Summer Time in London
  • Beijing, China. September 26, 7 am China Standard Time (CST).
  • Sydney, Australia, 9 am Australian Eastern Standard Time on September 26,

What about console players?

The console version has a completely different release strategy. Console players will have access to Phantom Liberty on the 26th of September at midnight local time. This results in a discrepancy in the time between PC players and console gamers. In Japan and Australia for example, console gamers could start playing up to 12 hours earlier than their PC counterparts. In the United States however, console players may find themselves 5 to 8 hours in front.

Phantom Liberty: A Cash Grab for Early Access?

CD Projekt Red appears to have learned from its mistakes in the past and current industry trends. Phantom Liberty’s launch time is the same for all players, regardless of platform. This avoids the usual controversy surrounding early access releases. The developers have made it clear that everyone will be able to play the new content at the same time when the clock strikes release hour.

What does this mean for Cyberpunk’s reputation?

Redemption CD Projekt Red: Was this what they were aiming for?

Cyberpunk 2077’s start was not smooth. The latest expansion, Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 patch show the developer’s dedication to deliver the game that fans have long awaited. This expansion could be the turning-point, as it features advanced graphics, streamlined gaming, and storylines that may finally give the game a sense completion.

Can Phantom Liberty sustain the momentum?

Since its release, Cyberpunk’s popularity has steadily grown. Now this expansion could decide its fate and reward fans who have stuck by it through thick and thin.

Closing Remarks

Phantom Liberty is not just a new chapter in Cyberpunk’s story. It represents a major development. Will CD Projekt Red be able to redeem their initial disappointments? It will take time to see if they can deliver a gaming experience that is engaging and fulfilling Cyberpunk’s potential. Phantom Liberty could be the answer to those who have been waiting for a change in fortune!


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