Danny Masterson Divorce Why Bijou is Divorcing Her Husband? Checkout the Details


Bijou Phillips of “That ’70s Show”, recently found guilty of rape by Danny Masterson’s prison sentence has filed for divorce a few days later – her move marks the latest chapter in an epic tale which has gripped Hollywood audiences and players.

Why did Bijou Phillips file divorce?

Bijou Phillips cited in court documents “irreconcilable disagreements” as her primary reason for seeking divorce from Masterson. Even during Masterson’s tumultuous court trials, their 12-year marriage seemed stable. The recent conviction may have been the deciding factor. Bijou stood by Masterson throughout the first trials and showed her unwavering commitment to her husband. The reality of a lengthy prison sentence may have changed the dynamic of their relationship.

What happens to the child?

Couples who share a child are understandably concerned about the well-being and custody of that child. Phillips’ divorce filing in Santa Barbara Superior Court highlights her desire for full physical and legal custody. Peter Lauzon, the attorney for Phillips, said that she is focused on their child. Early indications suggest Phillips’s determination to provide stability for their child in these difficult times.

Who supports Masterson?

Masterson received support throughout the trial from many sources, including his former co stars. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and others have faced criticism for the letters they sent to Masterson before his trial, asking for leniency. The repercussions did not stop there. Kutcher had to resign from Thorn, a charity that focuses on child sexual abuse. This shows the wider ripples the Masterson case has caused in Hollywood circles.

What happened during the trials?

The legal proceedings involving Masterson was a rollercoaster of emotions. The jury was initially deadlocked over the 2003 rape charges, resulting in a mistrial. Masterson was convicted of two out of three charges in a later trial. Two courageous women testified that he drugged and abused them. Bijou’s letter of emotion to the judge, before the sentencing, encapsulated polarizing feelings surrounding the case. Her description of Masterson, as “a partner who saved her life”, was in stark contrast with the serious crimes he had been convicted for.

What’s next in the career of Bijou Phillips

Phillips, who has taken the important step of filing for divorce appears to be focused on ensuring stability both for her child and for herself. As an established model, singer and actress she boasts an impressive resume; yet it remains uncertain how her future unfolds in terms of both career and personal commitments following such an immense personal turmoil.

The Masterson conviction, followed by the divorce, brings to light how such events can impact families, friends and professional networks. One can only hope that justice and healing will be achieved as the dust settles.


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