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Over the years, football has been a sport that is loved by millions. Many players have graced this stage. David Beckham has resonated as deeply with fans on and off the field. Netflix’s docuseries, “Beckham”, offers a unique look into the life of a football legend. The series features interviews with celebrities from the football world, entertainment and David’s family.

Overview of the Beckham Phenomenon

David Beckham was already synonymous with excellence in football even before Netflix’s documentary. Beckham, a prodigious talent since he was a young boy, has had a life marked by incredible achievements, iconic moments and unwavering passion. This four-part series uses archive videos and interviews to tell David’s story from his childhood, his football career to his life after the pitch.

David and Victoria:

The intimate depiction of David Beckham’s life is what sets “Beckham”, apart from other sporting documentaries. Few people knew what his life was like off the field. While everyone saw how he bent free-kicks to uncanny accuracy, very few were privy to it. The series gives viewers an inside look at his relationship with Victoria Beckham, a global icon. The love story of David and Victoria Beckham, their challenges, and their triumphs, provide a touching narrative that gives David more depth.

Mentors and friends:

The footballing elite are the best people to tell you about Beckham’s impact. The interviews give a complete picture of Beckham’s impact, from Sir Ferguson who nurtured him in Manchester United to international stars such as Ronaldo Nazario. Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and others who have trained, played and shared many locker room moments with Beckham, provide intimate details about their journey. Beckham’s rivals also provide insights in this series, which highlights his importance to the world of football.

Family Ties – The Beckhams Unplugged

David’s life is centered around the unwavering family support. The docuseries explores Beckham’s relationship with his family, using candid conversations between him and his parents to show their impact on his career and life. This segment will shed light on less-known aspects in David’s career, giving a rounded view of the legend.

Four Decades Of Beckham

The journey of Beckham, spanning 40 years and East London’s fields to the biggest football stages in the world is chronicled. The cultural impact of a person whose influence went beyond football is what makes “Beckham” so special. It’s more than just goals and assists. David Beckham is a master of brand building and global influence. His story spans from his hairstyles, to his fashion ventures, to his charitable work, to his club ownership.

Quick facts about ‘Beckham’

SegmentsFour-part series
Main AttractionsInterviews with David Victoria and other top football personalities
DurationBeckham: 40 Years of Beckham’s Journey
Unique Selling PointHis professional and personal life – a comprehensive look at his career

In a world where the lives of celebrities are always under scrutiny, “Beckham”, offers a genuine, unfiltered view into the life if a footballing genius. Netflix’s docuseries is a treat for football fans and anyone who wants to know more about the life of a boy in East London that became a global star.


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