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We report with sadness the death of David Thornberry. David Thornberry was a prominent member of New Waverly’s community. Thornberry passed away in 2023. He was the Vice President of Thornberry Land Oil and Cattle. Thornberry was known for his dedication to his family, his business and his community. His sudden departure left a deep scar in the hearts those who knew him.

Thornberrys’ Impact on Agriculture

David Thornberry, owner of Thornberry Land Oil and Cattle, was a major figure in the agricultural sector, especially cattle ranching. Thornberry’s tireless work at AquaTernberry, LLC in the aquaculture and animal-production sectors earned him a high level of respect amongst his peers. AquaTernberry became one of the world’s top aquaculture operators because of Thornberry’s dedication.

A Passion for the outdoors and an Active Lifestyle

Thornberry’s Hunting Adventures

David Thornberry’s love for the outdoors was well-known, even beyond his professional career. He was a passionate bowhunter who spent much of his spare time hunting game. This brought him great joy and forged a bond with other hunters.

A Devoted Cross-fit Enthusiast

Thornberry, in addition to his passion for hunting, was also a fitness enthusiast. He regularly participated in cross-fit, which reinforced his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Family and Personal Life

A Family Man You Love

Thornberry was a wonderful husband and father to Amanda, as well as devoted to his three children. We are all deeply saddened by his death and send our love to the family during this difficult period. All our love to Amanda and her children.

Remembering David Thornberry

David Thornberry’s family has chosen to keep the death of David Thornberry private in order to allow them time and space to mourn. We respect this decision, and offer our condolences during this difficult time.

Sending condolences and support

We encourage everyone to send their condolences to David Thornberry and his family in honor of David’s memory. Your support and kind words will provide comfort during this difficult time.

Thornberry’s legacy

David Thornberry’s memory will continue to inspire people in New Waverly, especially through the contributions that he made in agriculture, his love of hunting and his devotion to his family during his brief but full life. May his soul rest in peace.


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