Dick Butkus Net Worth 2023 How Much Does Dick Butkus Net Worth Before Dying?


Dick Butkus was widely revered as one of the great linebackers of American Football history. Not only was he influential on the field, but his significant real estate investments yielded him an estimated net worth of 18 Million when he passed.

Real estate Acumen: from Lake Forest to Palm Beach

Butkus’s commitment to football can be compared with his discernment and dedication to property investments. The total value of the properties, which are spread across the country, is an impressive $14million.

His jewel asset in Lake Forest, Illinois is a sprawling estate of 10,000 square feet. This property is located on a 10-acre estate and boasts a five-bedroom house, eight bathrooms, and recreational amenities like a tennis court, golf course, and a swimming pool. This Lake Forest splendor is valued at $3 million.

Butkus’ penchant for luxury was also evident outside Lake Forest. His $5 million home in Hinsdale, and his serene $3 million lakefront house in Antioch are both examples. In addition, he owns a $2 million condo in the heart of Chicago.

Commercial Ventures

Butkus has expanded his horizons beyond residential real estate by investing in commercial property. The Butkus Center, a multi-purpose sports complex in Lake Forest that is state-of the-art, is one of the jewels among his commercial assets. Under his ownership, office buildings and retail centres have also risen in the Chicago area.

His fascination with property was not limited to Illinois. His diversified interests are reflected in a sprawling ranch of 10,000 acres in Montana, which is valued at $10 million. He also owned a $1.8 million vacation home on the Palm Beach of Florida.

Butkus – The Football Phenomenon

Dick Butkus achieved much in real estate development while remaining an iconic figure within American football due to his towering stature on the field. Dick’s intimidating size meant his presence could never be underestimated on any play or in any meeting with opposing team management.

He began his football career in Chicago before going on to lead University of Illinois to victory at Rose Bowl 1963. Chicago Bears were in for an exciting treat when they selected him third in the 1965 NFL Draft.

His aggressive playstyle combined with his strategic understanding of football made him an unstoppable force during his time with the Bears. Ses accolades are testament to his skills, which include being named NFL Defensive player of the year in 1969 and 1970. Unfortunately, injuries cut short his long and illustrious football career.

Beyond the Field

Butkus’s career path after the NFL was spectacular. He embraced the world of broadcasting, analyzing football on giants such as CBS and NBC. Butkus was also a hit in Hollywood, with many appearances.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to venture into the worlds of sports equipment, clothing, and even gastronomy, with restaurants and bars bearing his name.


Dick Butkus’ legacy goes beyond football. His contributions to the NFL and especially the Chicago Bears remain unmatched, but his real estate ventures show that he was much more than a footballer. He was an entrepreneur and strategist.


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