Diego Aenz Wikipedia Family Wife and Children Get to Know the Details


Diego Saenz has distinguished himself in Colombia’s entertainment industry through a range of pursuits. He’s best-known as an award-winning television presenter, drummer, actor and digital content creator; although lacking an official Wikipedia page. Diego remains one of Colombia’s premier entertainers today.

Saenz was born in Bogota on 1 February 1987 and quickly established himself in broadcast journalism. Educated at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with an emphasis in Social Communication in 2010, he made waves within both worlds: academic and artistic alike during his university days.

Saenz boasts a varied professional career that encompasses TV presenter, drummer, actor and content creator roles across various industries. Best known as an anchor on sports shows such as Nexo ESPN Colombia en Nexo ESPN; drumming for Piranas band; making his acting debut with Diego Bustamante directed feature film Empeliculados; as well as content creation roles he was an editor at Nexo News Magazine Colombia in Colombia en Nexo NewsTV Chile

Saenz’s artistic sensibilities and love of art led him into content creation with his “El Show de Diego Saenz” program, producing high quality video content featuring interviews and information on various artists within his field of art. Icono Awards honored his impressive body work and recognized him as an influential artist.

Diego Saenz makes great use of social media. Active on Instagram with over 523,000 followers under his handle @saenzdiego, Diego regularly engages with his audience here providing updates on his career and life and connecting to fans.

Personal Life and Relationships Much about Saenz’s private life remains relatively hidden; although he occasionally posts images of his mother online, very little information on either parent and siblings are known about.

Saenz has been dating Laura Barjum since August 2021; she served as Miss Colombia. They first claimed they were friends before confessing their romantic interest during an Instagram Live session. Today they share Roy Saenz, considered part of their family unit.


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