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Who Was Eddie Bressoud?

Edward Francis Bressoud was an American professional baseball player from Los Angeles born May 2nd 1939 who achieved fame through his skill as a shortstop in Major League Baseball. Bressoud played professionally for multiple teams such as New York/San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox while also contributing to several others like New York Mets, St Louis Cardinals as a shortstop – known for their shortstop position – before eventually retiring due to injury at age 54 in ’99. His versatility combined with strong hitting abilities defined an exceptional career within MLB that few could match.

Bressoud’s achievements were recognized in 1964 with an All-Star selection. He also played a significant role in the Cardinals’ 1967 World Series victory. Bressoud continued to be deeply involved in baseball even after he retired from professional play. In his later years, Bressoud spent time coaching, scouting and teaching at De Anza College.

Eddie Bressoud’s Passing

Eddie Bressoud, who died at the age of 91 on July 11, 2023, left a legacy indelible on baseball culture. His members will forever honor and revere him. Bressoud was an All-Star and World Series Champion with Cardinals; one of two players ever to wear both Giants’ and Mets’ uniforms simultaneously during his career.

What happened to Eddie Bressoud

Bressoud died in San Ramon (California) due to complications of cerebellar ataxia. This neurological condition affects muscle coordination. Bressoud never lost his passion for baseball despite the challenges of this disease. Even after retiring from baseball, he continued to mentor younger generations and contribute to the sport. Bressoud’s life and career are a source of inspiration for future generations of baseball fans and players.

Cerebellar Ataxia is the cause of death

Bressoud died of cerebellar ataxia. Neurological disorders that impair muscle coordination typically involve damage to the cerebellum – part of the brain responsible for motor skills and balance – although its exact cause remains unknow.

Eddie Bressoud’s Legacy

Bressoud, a baseball legend and devoted mentor, is mourned by all those associated with the sport. Many remember him fondly as a great performer, a kind-hearted mentor and ardent advocate for their sport.

As an amateur baseball player, coach and educator, his life demonstrated a dedication to the game that impacted and inspired generations of fans and players. The baseball community mourns his death, but also recognizes and celebrates his life and contributions which continue to influence generations of baseballers.

Eddie Bressoud Obituary

Robert “Rob” Bressoud, MLB All-Star Shortstop and Los Angeles native died peacefully on July 11, 2023.

Born May 2nd 1932 and leaving an indelible mark on baseball.

Bressoud was an impressive baseball career figure from 1956 through 1967 with prominent teams like the New York/San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox. He also represented them in his post-playing career from 56 to 1967. Post-playing endeavors including coaching/scouting/education at De Anza College continued his passion for baseball long beyond any personal accomplishments of his playing days.

The memory of his contributions and legacy will be carried on by future generations.


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