Evans Richardson Obituary – Sufjan Stevens New Album Dedicated To His Late Partner Evans Richardson Find Viral Updates


In a recent heartfelt post on Instagram, Sufjan Stevens, the renowned singer and songwriter, dedicated his new album “Javelin” to his late partner Evans Richardson. This post gave us a glimpse into their relationship and the pain of losing Richardson. It also revealed Sufjan’s personal struggles with health. Take a look at the moving tribute.

Evans Richardson Details
Date Of BirthApril 24, 1980
Age of Death43 Years Old
Survived byEvans, Betty and their Parents
CareerChief of Staff for the Studio Museum Harlem
EducationWestminster Christian Academy graduates
Columbia University Bachelor’s Degree
Yale University Master’s Degree
Accreditation Commission roleChairman of the American Alliance of Museums’s Accreditation Committee (2021)

Remembering Evans Richardson

Sufjan Stevens started his post with a thank you to all who listened to “Javelin,” his new album. However, his tone quickly changed to a somber one as he revealed that his partner Evans Richardson had passed away in April of the year.

Richardson was described as a person of exceptional qualities by him, including his love, humor, integrity, curiosity and joy. Sufjan described Richardson as one of the rare individuals that come into our lives once and leave an indelible impression with their precious, impeccable character.

Sufjan recognized that relationships are challenging. However, he stressed the importance of working hard for those you love, particularly Richardson. He encouraged his fans to treasure and protect such precious relationships. His message ended with the heartfelt statement: “This day, the Lord made.” Let’s rejoice and be happy about it. Thank you. Thank you. XOS.”

Evans Richardson’s Legacy

Sufjan Stevens’ album, Evans Richardson was dedicated to Richardson. Since then, Richardson is a hot topic on the internet, causing curiosity. Richardson’s Dignity Memorial obituary provides an insight into his life.

  • Date of Birth: Evans Richardson, born April 24, 1980 was 43 years old when he died.
  • Survived by: His parents, Evans & Betty, are still alive.
  • Career Evans Richardson was Chief of Staff of the Studio Museum of Harlem. He contributed significantly to the success and longevity of the institution.
  • Education He graduated from Westminster Christian Academy, and then pursued his studies at Columbia University. There he received his bachelor’s. Then he went on to earn his master’s from Yale University.
  • Accreditation Commission In 2021 Evans Richardson will assume the role of Chairman of American Alliance of Museums Accreditation Commission. This is a further demonstration of his commitment to the art and cultural world.

Sufjan Stevens’ Health Struggles

In addition to his emotional tribute to Evans Richardson on September 20, 2023 through an Instagram update, Sufjan Stephens also shared a concern regarding his health.

He revealed that Guillain Barre Syndrome, a serious and rare neurological disorder, had affected his walking ability. He was unable, due to his health conditions, to take part in promotional and press activities.

Sufjan described the symptoms that began to appear, including the loss of sensation in his hands, arms, and legs. Guillain Barre syndrome was diagnosed after he sought medical help. He spent two weeks in the medical/surgical unit where his condition was stabilized.

He thanked his medical team for rescuing his life, and said that he was beginning physical therapy in the hopes of regaining the ability to walk.

The conclusion of the article is:

Sufjan Stevens dedicating his album, “Javelin”, to his late partner Evans Richardson is a touching testament to the love they shared and to Richardson’s profound influence on his life. This is a beautiful reminder of the value of those with exceptional qualities and the beauty of relationships.

Sufjan’s own struggles with Guillain Barre syndrome also serve as a constant reminder of how life can be full of challenges and the strength needed to overcome them. Fans continue to praise Sufjan and send him their best wishes as he recovers. They also share his grief over the death of Evans Richardson.


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