Felicia Taylor Obituary Know the Cause of Her Death


Felicia Lynne Taylor was born in Kansas City on August 16,63. She has embodied nurturing and caring throughout her entire life. Felicia was raised by her parents Carletta Thompson and Henry White. Her early years were rooted in the Kansas City Public Schools District. Her life was shaped by schools like Booker T. Washington elementary and Van Horn High School. Felicia was not defined by her formal education. Her real education was derived from her daily interactions as a caregiver.

Where did Felicia Tayler receive her education?

Felicia’s foundational education was received in Kansas City Public School District. Booker T. Washington elementary school was the beginning of her education, followed by Martin Luther King middle school, and finally Van Horn High School. From elementary to high-school, this journey provided her with many valuable experiences and memories.

What was Felicia Taylor’s contribution to her community like?

Felicia’s nurturing spirit was evident in all of her roles. She was a Certified Nursing assistant at Riteway Nursing Home. Her contributions did not stop at her career. Felicia believed in spirituality and faith, as evidenced by the long-standing association she had with Grace Spiritual Temple. The values she learned at her beloved church continued to guide Felicia even after it closed.

What was Felicia’s family like?

Felicia’s family was her life. In 1984, the joy of becoming a mom to twin boys Damion and Demetrius was unmatched. The joy of becoming a mother to twin boys, Damion and Demetrius, in 1984 was unmatched. Derrick Taylor, whom she met in 1990, opened a whole new chapter. They were so close that they moved back to Kansas City in 1994 and got married. Felicia’s passion for her family was her driving force through all of the highs and lowers.

When Felicia Taylor began her career with the KC Public Schools District?

Felicia began her career with the KC Public Schools District as a cafeteria assistant. She displayed her adaptability and growth-oriented spirit as she transitioned into a paraprofessional role in the classroom. She never wavered in her commitment to caring, and later became a caregiver when she became handicapped. She was a valuable asset to every job she held because of her nurturing nature.

What is the significance of Felicia Taylor’s death to her family?

Felicia died on June 14, 2023, after a life of love, nurturing and dedication for those she left behind. This included her husband Derrick and children, as well as extended family. Felicia will remain forever in our memory. Felicia was predeceased by many family members. Her legacy lives on through the memories that she shared with her friends and relatives.

When and where will Felicia Taylor be buried?

Felicia Lynn will be fondly remembered at her funeral service on Monday, 26th June 2023. Those who wish to pay their respects may do so between 2 PM and 3 PM at Golden Gate Funeral & Cremation Services LLC, located at 2800 east 18th st in Kansas City Missouri 64127. Visitation will be held from 2 PM to 3 PM prior to the official service starting at 3 PM.

Felicia Lynn left behind a legacy that is extraordinary. She showed remarkable love, resilience and nurturing in her lifelong dedication to her family, profession and religion.


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