Fernando Alonso’s Master Plan for Aston Martin Teammate Lance Stroll


Aston Martin will be a formidable force in the 2023 F1 Season, ranking second to Red Bull only on speed. They have claimed five podiums in the first six rounds. This is a dramatic improvement from their P7 position in last year’s Constructors standings. Lance Stroll, however, has not been able to keep pace with Alonso.

Fernando Alonso explained his role in the team to BBC Sport. He stressed his commitment to helping the team progress in different aspects and supporting Lance in any way that he could. Alonso admitted that his racing career was not going to last long, but Lance would continue racing and would become Aston Martin in the future.

“I understand my role. You can help the team grow in these areas and you can also help Lance in any way that I am able to. “Because I’ll race for a few years.” And [Lance Stroll] has to lead the Team into the future. So I’m happy to help ,” Alonso , he told BBC Sport.

The relationship between Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso and the absence of a championship match is a positive one
Aston Martin’s development of F1 2023 is taking a turn for the worse despite an impressive start. McLaren is now the leader among the chase teams, behind Red Bull. Aston Martin has fallen behind. Alonso believes that his relationship with Lance Stroll has not been affected by the fact that the Silverstone team is still far from the championship race.

Alonso also emphasized his current good relationship with Lance Stroll in the same BBC Sport interview. Alonso explained that, since they weren’t competing for the championships, there was more open communication between the drivers and the team. They were united by their common goals, and worked together to achieve them.

The Spaniard said, “I do not think that there is any more mystery about this.” “We are in a good place now. We’re not fighting for the title. Were we fighting for the title, there might be less communication and a bit more tension. He concluded that we currently have very clear goals, and we are working together to achieve them.


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