Five Guys National Cheeseburger Day – How Did Five Guys Celebrated National Cheeseburger Day? Grab the Insights


National Cheeseburger Day is a highly anticipated event among fast food lovers. It takes place on Monday, September 18th, this year. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and other global players have already announced their special offers.

Five Guys: The Classic

Five Guys seems to be sticking with its traditional stance despite the hype. According to the most recent updates, Five Guys has not announced any specials or promotions for National Cheeseburger Day. Their social media platforms and official website do not give any indication about any special offers.

Shake Shack: Midday Melt Delight

Shake Shack is offering a special deal to early birds. The restaurant chain will reward its customers on September 18 with a free cheeseburger. What’s the catch? Enter the code “SHACK” when you order via DoorDash, between 11 am and 2 pm. Then enjoy your free burger. Keep an eye out for additional fees, such as taxes, and make sure you are within walking distance of participating outlets.

Wendy’s: Stretching out the Celebration

Wendy’s doesn’t seem to want to restrict the celebration to one day. They’re giving away their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for just $.01 when you make any purchase between September 18 and 22. Burger lovers can find the offer on Wendy’s website or app under the “Offers tab”. You can also add the offer to your digital reward card in the store if you prefer to visit the store.

Jack In The Box & Red Robin: Offers

Jack in the Box, like Five Guys has decided to remain on the sidelines and not introduce any special promotions. Red Robin follows suit. National Cheeseburger Day deals are not available on their official channels including Instagram, Twitter and the website for 2023.

White Castle: Slide into the Festive Spirit

White Castle is there to celebrate special occasions with their customers. They make sure that everyone feels welcome and included. White Castle is offering a Buy One Get One deal on its Single Cheese Sliders from September 18-20, to ensure that the spirit (and subsequent two days of celebration) remain high.

A Day of Cheese and Choices

National Cheeseburger Day in 2023 will bring a variety of offers. Some establishments went all out while others chose a more quiet approach. No matter where you celebrate, there is no better day to enjoy the delicious combination of meat, cheese and buns. No matter if you are enjoying a great deal or your favorite burger on this day, the purpose remains the same – to celebrate the humble burger and the joy it brings.


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