Genshin 4.1 Release Date, Banners, Features and Complete Details


Genshin Impact 4 is the exciting next chapter in the story of Teyvat. This new update will unfold in two phases and promises familiar faces, tantalizing missions, novel challenges and more. This is a look at the details.

Release schedule and structure

Genshin Impact will be entering the world of Fontaine on September 27. This version, which runs until November 8, maintains a 42-day cycle neatly divided into 2 21-day phases. It is reminiscent of the banner timeline in Genshin Impact 4. The first phase began on September 27th and ended on October 18th. Phase 2 begins immediately after, lasting until November 8th.

New characters and signature banners

This version introduces the fans to Wriothesley – a Cryo Catalyst fan – and Chief Justice Monsieur Neuvilette – a Hydro Catalyst lover. The excitement does not end there. In the first half, character reruns feature Venti and Wriothesley. The second half features Hu Tao with Neuvilette.

Weapon enthusiasts can expect to see Wriothesley’s Cashflow Supervision, and Venti’s Elegy for The End in Phase 1! Phase 2 will feature Neuvilette’s Tome of Eternal Flow, and Hu Tao’s renowned Staff of Homa.

New bosses to challenge

Genshin Impact 4 is not short on challenges. Gravity-controlling mechanisms in the Experimental Field Generator promise an adrenaline rush. The potential AoE attack of this boss, combined with the gravity modification, promises an exciting combat experience.

The Millennial Pearl Seahorse, on the other hand appears to be a thrilling encounter. Visuals suggest an enhanced version the Blubber Seahorse found in Fontaine’s underground regions.

The introduction of two new Fatui enemies, the Seneschals of Frost and Wind, should be exciting for anyone looking for new challenges. These bosses will be linked to the cryo or anemo element respectively.

Expanding the Fontaine Map

Fontaine expands primarily to the east. This update unlocks an intriguing prison world, which will be the center of the next Archon quest. Explorers can also explore a mysterious cavern to discover and solve strange phenomena.

Anniversary Celebrations and More

Genshin Impact is celebrating its third anniversary with 4.1, which will be showering their players with gifts. The “Admiring Flowing Moonlight Event” offers ten free character wishes. The update also brings two new gadgets, including the Itty Bitty Octobaby and Bubble Generator. Genshin Impact livestream codes can be used to boost your primogem collection.

Events that Engage All

Genshin Impact 4 promises an exciting series of events. The first phase features the Mondstadt Poetry, Klee Fishblasting and Jellyfish Recovery events. Players can also grab 10 free wish with a special login bonus.

Genshin Impact 4.1 promises to be a thrilling experience for veterans and newcomers alike. Teyvat’s universe will once again captivate you with its blend of new content, challenging bosses and exciting events. Genshin Impact 4.1.1 promises an exciting world of adventure, whether you are eager to expand your character roster or explore the new terrains.


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