Gerard Pique Gets Angry after Being Booed by Shakira Fans at Nightclub


Pique’s temper erupted in a nightclub during the celebration of the King’s League, an event that was co-founded by Twitch streamer Ibai llanos and Gerard Pique. This event was meant to celebrate the end of a tournament that featured ex-players and streamers like Sergio Aguero. The tensions increased when some of Pique’s former partners, including the famous singer Shakira began to heckle him.

The recent King’s League ended, and the participants celebrated in a Barcelona nightclub. Gerard Pique, who was seen by the club owner, was called up to the stage. Pique complied with the owner’s request and took the mic, but the crowd began chanting Shakira, whom he dated for 11 years, before he had a chance to speak.

Shakira and Gerard Pique began their relationship in 2011, and they have two children together, Milan and Sasha . In 2022 they announced their separation. After the split, Shakira moved to Miami, with their children. Gerard Pique announced his new relationship, Clara Chia Marti.

Gerard Pique’s frustration grew as the chanting of Shakira continued. He let out his frustration by exclaiming “And what happens?” What happens? You are nothing, and I am the world champion. You are puppets .” After months of being taunted, the constant trolling had finally taken its toll.

Shakira’s and Gerard Pique’s relationship

Shakira dated Gerard Pique for 11 years. In 2010, they met during the shooting of the music video ‘Waka Waka.’ The song was the official FIFA World Cup song that year. Shakira was a household name after the song became a huge hit around the world.

Gerard Pique’s career was marked by a major achievement when he won the World Cup with Spain. In 2011, he and Shakira announced their relationship, bringing his football career to the forefront. The power couple became one of the most talked about celebrity couples in Spain. The couple had two daughters, Milan and Sasha.

They announced their separation in 2022. She claimed that Pique had cheated on her with Clara Chia Marti, his new girlfriend. The singer moved to Miami along with her children, while Clara Chia Marti became the official girlfriend of the former FC Barcelona player.


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