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Who Was Hannah Goetz?

Hannah Goetz, a young woman who lived in Isle of Wight County (Virginia), was faced with battling ill health from earliest childhood. Hannah Goetz was born with cystic Fibrosis. She faced many medical challenges in her life, but she always remained positive and resilient. Hannah’s life took a serious turn due to complications with flu and pneumonia in 2019. She underwent double lung transplants when she was only 17 years old. Hannah battled through her illness with courage and left a legacy for those she encountered along the way.

Hannah Goetz and her battle with Cystic Fibrosis

Hannah became seriously ill at the age of 17 after a Caribbean cruise to celebrate her high school graduation. Her condition rapidly deteriorated after she was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and the flu. Her lungs were severely compromised and required immediate intervention. The doctors made the crucial decision to remove Hannah’s lungs, and to use a breathing machine until a suitable organ donor could be located.

Double Lung Transplant

Hannah received a double lung donation after a four-day waiting period. The operation was major and required months of recuperation. Hannah recovered successfully despite the long and arduous process. She was able return home four months later.

Life Post Transplant

Hannah, her family, friends and the transplant team spent more than three years together. The memories they created were cherished, including a trip to the Tennessee mountains. Hannah was always positive and stayed upbeat despite occasional hospitalizations. She even wanted to be a respiratory therapist.

The Onset of Chronic Respiratory Rejection

Hannah’s health started to decline again in 2023. Chronic lung rejection is a condition where her body began rejecting the transplanted organs. A second transplant was not possible due to high risks. Hannah’s family and friends were devastated by the news.

Hannah Goetz’s Last Days

Hannah said she was ready for a new transplant when she heard that it would not be possible. In her final moments she was comforted and at peace by her friends and family. Hannah Goetz died on Sunday morning, at age 21.

Hannah Goetz and the Need for Organ Donation

Hannah’s story may have ended tragically but her courage and resilience continue to inspire all who knew her. Hannah was a shining example of human perseverance, and her dream to become a respiratory therapist showed her desire to help others who were facing similar challenges.

Hannah lived in Virginia where there are thousands of people waiting for organ transplants. 25 of them need lungs. Hannah’s story highlights the urgent need for organ donors and how they can change lives.

Hannah’s Celebration of Life

Hannah Goetz will be honored with a celebration of life. Hannah Goetz will be remembered fondly by her closest friends and family as they celebrate a young woman who inspired so many with her resilience, courage and dedication. Hannah is a reminder to cherish each moment. One person can have such an impactful statement on strength.

Hannah Goetz is a story of courage, hope and strength. Hannah Goetz, despite facing enormous adversity herself, left behind an inspirational legacy that will be remembered as a symbol of perseverance despite hardships. Hannah will forever be an inspiration in turbulent times.


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