How Can You Watch NFL Games For Free? Read to Know


NFL season 2018-2019 has officially kicked into high gear and this Sunday the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions meet up. However, fans unable to make it out live may wonder: What can I see online instead? If Fox won’t broadcast the game locally, how can I watch all the action? This guide explains how to watch the game online. It also includes a primer about using VPNs to circumvent location-based restrictions.

What are the basics: When and where?

The first thing to do is determine the timing. Sunday’s game will begin at 1 pm Eastern Time (10 am Pacific Time). You can tune into your local Fox channel if you live in Atlanta or Detroit. Many viewers who are not in these areas may face blackout restrictions and internet location issues.

A Deeper Dive into VPNs

Virtual Private Networks are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to enhance online privacy or circumvent geo-blocks. VPNs offer a wealth of streaming options for sports fans. They can correct inaccurate location data provided by Internet Service Providers, but also bypass blackout restrictions placed on streaming services.

Use VPNs with Care

VPNs are a great tool for streaming online, but their legal framework can vary from country to country. Understanding local laws is therefore vital. You should always ensure that you have a valid subscription to any streaming services you plan to use.

Users’ Experience of Navigating VPNs

Though VPN technology itself may seem straightforward, its implementation can often prove more complex. VPN providers such as ExpressVPN may be affected by various factors relating to your ISP; their instructions provide helpful assistance as you work your way through them.

Troubleshooting Tips

Check if your streaming account needs to be updated with the game’s physical address if your VPN is already activated. Note that some smart televisions do not support VPN setup directly, so you will need to use a mobile hotspot or router instead.

What are your options for streaming services?

There are other streaming platforms for viewers who do not want to use VPNs. Sling Blue can be an option. However, this service may require eligibility checks based upon your billing address.

The Best Browsers to Stream with VPN

Browsers can have a significant impact on your streaming experience, regardless of whether you use a VPN or Streaming Service. Brave is a privacy-centric browser that offers maximum privacy with minimal location leakage.

Stream Safely

Watching your team’s game shouldn’t require too much time and effort; while VPNs provide one method for watching remote content, other methods exist as well; viewers need only select which method best meets their individual needs while being mindful of any legal implications that might apply.


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