How Roger Whittaker Died? Know What Happened To Him? Find the Cause of Death


Roger Whittaker was an icon in easy listening and folk music who recently passed away, leaving an incredible legacy behind him. This article examines both his life and contributions from Kenya all the way up until France where his final days resided.

Kenyan Roots, Global Recognition

Roger Whittaker, born in Nairobi Kenya on March 22nd 1936. His diverse musical influences, which were later heard across continents in his melodies, likely came from growing up surrounded with different cultures. They often carried elements of Kenya to help represent the country globally. He became an ambassador for the region around the world.

Memorable Hits

Whittaker’s first appearance in the music industry was during the 1960s. His debut album, “New World in the Morning”, released in 1963, demonstrated his ability to combine pop and folk elements into something unique yet universally attractive.

Whittaker made history once again in 1969 with “Durham Town”, a song that was emotional and touched all generations.

Special connection with Germany

Whittaker was a global success, but his relationship with Germany is particularly noteworthy. He was more than a musician in Germany; he became a phenomenon. Whittaker was affectionately called “Der Schlagerkonig”, “The King Of Schlager” by the German population.

A Life well Lived: Family and semi-Retirement

A deeply rooted family man was at the heart of Whittaker’s musical legacy. Whittaker, who spent nearly 40 years touring the world and performing in France, chose France as his home for semi-retirement. He lives with his wife Natalie and their five children, and 11 grandchildren.

Roger Whittaker Cause Of Death

Roger Whittaker passed away on September 13, 2023. Heart failure, at the age of 87 in a southern France hospital, silenced the voice which had serenaded thousands. Social media was flooded with the news, as fans and musicians paid tribute to the folk icon.

The Legacy Lives on

Whittaker has made a significant contribution to the music business, despite the fact that he was sometimes pigeonholed by critics as a “cheesy singer”. Whittaker’s ability to comfort and inspire people through music was unmatched. His tracks are etched into the history of music.

Roger Whittaker was a man of great authenticity. He reached out to people across generations and cultures with every whistle, chord and lyric.

As the world mourns Roger Whittaker’s death, his music offers comfort. Each note and melody is a testimony to a passionate life. It’s important that we continue to celebrate this legendary artist and ensure his music inspires people from all continents and across generations.

Birth dateMarch 22, 1936
BirthplaceNairobi, Kenya
Major Hits“New World in the Morning”, “Durham Town”, (1969).
Special RecognitionIn Germany, the Schlagerkonig is known as “Der Schlagerkonig”.
FamilyWife: Natalie, Children: 5, Grandchildren: 11
Retirement in RetirementFrance
Date PassedSeptember 13, 2023
Causes of DeathHeart failure
LegacyRenowned folk singer and songwriter who blends folk with pop elements


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