Is Amanda Serrano Married? All You Should Know


Amanda Serrano is “Born to Be a Champion” but she’s much more than a champion boxer. Serrano’s journey has been remarkable. She has achieved great success in boxing, mixed-martial arts, and professional wrestling.

Early life: From Carolina to Brooklyn

Serrano and her sister Cindy grew up in Carolina, Puerto Rico. They were immersed in the rich culture of their island. They eventually moved to New York City, where they were introduced to the vibrant Nuyorican community. Their upbringing was a mix of salsa music and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, as well as the electric energy in Brooklyn.

Finding her Calling

Serrano, despite her initial disinterest in boxing, became a fan after seeing Cindy’s success. Amanda, eager to bond with Cindy after graduating from Bushwick High School at age 17, took up boxing. She had a relatively short but highly impactful amateur boxing career. With a 9-1 record, she won the New York Daily News Golden Gloves Featherweight Division title.

Unmatched professional achievements

Serrano has a long and successful career, which is credited to her dedication and natural ability. She holds multiple world titles in various weight classes. She is the only Puerto Rican female boxer who has achieved such a wide range of distinctions.

Recognitions of Excellence

Guinness World Records recognizes her as a female boxer who has won the most titles in seven different weight classes. She has been awarded the WBO’s ‘Female boxer of the year’ award twice. Both The Ring and BoxRec ranked her as the top female featherweight in 2021. ESPN and The Ring, two renowned platforms in the boxing world, also rank her as one of the top female fighters pound for pound.

Is Amanda Serrano Dating Anyone? Clearing the air

Amanda’s romantic relationships and personal life have often been misinterpreted, causing confusion and speculation. Although she has kept her relationship private and isn’t married, some people have misunderstood her relationship with Jordan Maldonado. Maldonado’s wife is Cindy, Amanda‚Äôs sister.

Amanda Serrano Financial Landscape

Serrano’s success in the ring is reflected in her networth. She is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. Her financial success can be attributed to her successful boxing career, lucrative sponsorships and significant endorsements.

Expanding Horizons

Amanda’s business acumen is evident in her strategic partnerships and ventures, which are a result of her combat sports successes. She is a highly sought-after combat sports athlete due to her unique combination of marketability and skills.

In conclusion

Amanda Serrano is a living example of dedication, passion and raw talent. She is an inspiration to countless people around the world. From her early years in Carolina and Brooklyn, to her record-breaking boxing achievements.


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