Is Austin Tinsley Dating Read the Exclusive Updates


Austin Tinsley has entered an exciting new chapter of his love life. A former NCAA Division 1 Athlete and Acquisitions Manager at Trusted Investors, Tinsley recently began dating Chelsea Vaughn who competed on The Bachelor. They met through Bachelor in Paradise Canada season 2, where the couple have since remained together.

Austin Tinsley: an Enthralling Life
Austin Tinsley hails from Mission Viejo in California. Known for his zest and motivation, with an MA from California State University-Sacramento under his belt as well as work experience as acquisitions manager with Trusted Investors; Austin Tinsley lives an extraordinary life that keeps audiences enthralled!

Austin competed as a Division 1 NCAA student-athlete competing as both a hurdler and sprinter on track and field events. Austin’s determination and perseverance powered his success; now living in vibrant Orange County, California he finds great inspiration there.

Austin and Chelsea Vaughn share an enduring romantic partnership. After meeting on Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season Two, where physical attraction quickly went beyond physical attraction; over time though their emotional bond strengthened and they found common ground, regardless of any differences in thinking between the pair.

They managed to stay together despite living far apart; and in February decided to live together in New York City – this further deepened and strengthened their bond between each other.

Chelsea Vaughn was known for being determined as she took bold steps after finishing her education to make change her path and find purpose and excitement through corporate work instead. Chelsea’s transformation provided a much-needed sense of excitement and purposeful happiness in life.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada was marked by Chelsea & Austin’s dynamic. They enjoyed finding romance at their own speed without feeling pressured into marriages too quickly; ultimately being content in their relationship together.

Kevin Wendt impressed Chelsea greatly during the Canadian version, constantly reminding her of his relationship with Astrid which added comforting and endearing touches to Austin and Chelsea’s relationship.

Chelsea and Austin: An Expanding Relationship Chelsea and Austin have experienced steady progress in their relationship over time, which has been furthered by intellectual and emotional connections they share. Chelsea and Austin look forward to continuing this journey and growing together.

Austin Tinsley stands at approximately 5’10”, lending him an attractive presence. Austin Tinsley exhibits well-proportioned physique that speaks of a healthy and active lifestyle, evident of an athletic background evident through his physical characteristics. Austin exudes charisma in all conversations whether professional or personal in nature, leaving an impactful legacy behind.


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