Is Boris Becker Still Alive Get to Know the Info


Boris Franz Becker is a retired German Tennis player. He was born in November 1967. Becker, a retired German tennis player, was born on November 22, 1967. He is considered one of the best tennis players of all time. In 1985 he became the youngest winner ever of the Wimbledon Championships gentlemen’s individual title. Becker has won 64 titles in his career. This includes six Grand Slam titles.

Early Years of Tennis Career

Boris Becker was born to Elvira Becker and Karl-Heinz Becker in Leimen (West Germany). Boris began learning to play tennis at a tennis centre in Leimen, which was established by his father, an architect. Boris studied at the Helmholtz-Gymnasium Heidelberg, where he combined his academic studies with his growing passion for tennis.

The Fall from Grace – Legal and financial troubles

Becker’s retirement was the start of a series of legal and financial issues that damaged his reputation. In 2002, his conviction for tax fraud resulted in two years of suspended prison time. In 2017, financial issues in the UK led to a bankruptcy declaration. This was followed by a conviction in April 2022 for hiding assets and loan.

Boris Becker’s Prison Time and Release

Becker was imprisoned for eight months before he was released by UK authorities and deported back to Germany in December 2022. His time in prison was a humbling and empowering experience, which taught him resilience and survival.

Boris Becker’s current status in 2023

Boris Becker has returned to his native Germany after being deported. The UK has banned him from returning until at least 2024. Becker expressed his desire to return to Wimbledon as a commentator, but the BBC has the final say.

Health Status

Boris Becker remains alive and appears in good health despite some minor health concerns. Becker was diagnosed with skin cancer earlier in 2018, however through early detection was successfully able to recover successfully from it.

Boris Becker: Personal Life, Relationships, and Marriage

Becker was involved in several important relationships over the course of his life. Barbara Feltus was his most significant relationship. He married her in 1993. Before separating in 2000, they had two sons. Becker fathered Angela Ermakova’s daughter, it was revealed later. Becker was married to Dutch model Sharlely Kerssenberg, who he met in 2009. They had a child before they separated in 2018. Kerssenberg has accused Becker of not paying child maintenance after he was released from prison. The divorce is still pending.

Becker was reported to be in a relationship as of 2023 with Lilian de Carrvalho Monteiro.

Boris Becker has had many ups-and-downs in his life. From being a tennis prodigy, to facing financial and judicial troubles, he still continues to live, which is a testament to both his resilience and his spirit.


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