Is Johnny Manziel Dating? Read the Details


Johnny Manziel is dating Kenzie Werner. She’s a microblading expert with a large social media following. Both have confirmed their relationship, which is frequently flaunted by Werner on her Instagram account. Werner has nearly 50,000 Instagram followers. Manziel, who has left his NFL days behind him, has found a new career as a quarterback in the Fan Controlled Football League. This relationship, on a personal level, seems to be a stable and positive chapter in Manziel’s life.

What happened between Bre Tiesi and Johnny Manziel?

Manziel’s timeline of relationships includes an important chapter with Bre Tiesie. Their romance started in 2016 and quickly developed into an engagement in 2017, followed by a wedding in the same year. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last. In 2021 they finalized their divorce, which was marked by a celebratory occasion. Manziel has found solace through football and a relationship while Tiesi started a new chapter in her life with Nick Cannon.

What is the status of Johnny Manziel 2023?

Manziel will be playing football for the Zappers in 2023. He is separating himself from his turbulent past. He’s also grabbing attention off the field with a Netflix document that gives a deep insight into his rollercoaster journey from Heisman trophy accolades to trials and tribulations in newfound fame.

Has Johnny Manziel been accused of domestic violence?

In 2023 Werner’s account on Instagram became a hot topic when graphic images were posted that suggested Johnny Manziel had been involved in domestic violence. Werner’s Instagram account was quickly refuted when she clarified that her account had been hacked, and the photos misrepresented the circumstances. The incident was addressed quickly, despite being controversial. Both parties denied violence.

Who was Johnny Manziel dating in the past?

Manziel’s romantic history is full of colorful relationships, including some high-profile ones. His romantic relationships have been in the spotlight for many years, from a college romance with Sarah Savage to his brief relationship with model Lauren Hanley. The allegations of domestic abuse in his relationship with Colleen Crowley made it a particularly controversial one. His most well-known relationship prior to Werner was his short-lived wedding with Bre Tiesi.

What was the controversy surrounding Colleen Crowley

A domestic violence incident in 2016 involving Johnny Manziel’s then-girlfriend Colleen Crowley resulted in significant media coverage, and a Dallas Police Department investigation. Crowley claimed that Manziel had assaulted her. This led to a protective orders that required Manziel to stay away from Crowley. The incident had a significant impact on Manziel’s career and reputation, further separating him from the NFL.


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