Is Lane Kiffin Divorced Read the Exclusive Details


The Personal life of Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin’s success as a coach of American football has been well-known for many years. He married Layla Reaves, a University of Florida graduate, while at Ole Miss. Together, they have three children. Recently, as Ole Miss’ head coach, he was thrown into turmoil by the allegations of infidelity against Reaves. Reaves had previously held a coaching assistant position with Florida. Their marriage ended in 2016 when they announced their mutual divorce. Lane Kiffin was focused on his career, and his children while the media and fans were focused on their separation.

A new chapter with Jennifer Dardano
Lane Kiffin, not letting his past hold him back found love with Jennifer Dardano. Jennifer Dardano, a native of Alabama with Floridian roots is a distinguished agent with Douglas Elliman in Florida. She is known for her commitment to the real estate industry and has demonstrated her expertise in luxury estates, waterfront properties, and other sectors.

Lane Kiffin’s Coaching Legacy
From College To The NFL And Back Lane Kiffin’s coaching journey is extraordinary. Kiffin began his coaching career as offensive coordinator of USC Trojans before transitioning to NFL head coaching of Oakland Raiders (he became youngest coach ever ever in modern NFL History!). Once back on college level he returned coaching Tennessee Volunteers and USC Trojans. He left again in 2009 for a head coaching position with Baltimore Ravens. Kiffin is still revered and continues to work as their offensive coordinator, and then head coach.

The Alabama Tenure
Kiffin was put back into full display when he became offensive coordinator at Alabama and later, Ole Miss head coach; once there, his leadership, tactics, and strategies once more took center stage making him one of the most talked-about figures in college football.

Age, Social Presence and How old is Lane Kiffin, the actor?
Lane Kiffin, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on May 9, 1975, is currently a resident of Ole Miss. Kiffin is 48 today, with experience from both Fresno State University and Ole Miss. Kiffin’s age is not only a reflection of his years but also of the footballing knowledge he has.

Lane Kiffin tweets
Fans who want to get a closer look into Kiffin’s insights and thoughts can use his Twitter handle @Lane_Kiffin. Kiffin, who has over 631.4K Twitter followers, is active in sharing information about his team and his strategies. He also engages with fans. Kiffin’s hashtag #ComeToTheSip is a call for players and fans to become part of the Ole Miss family.

Lane Kiffin’s journey has been full of challenges and victories, but also many personal and professional successes. This icon of American Football is now the head coach at Ole Miss. The future looks even brighter for him.


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