Is Lauren Manzo Divorced Explore the Updates


Lauren Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has made headlines over recent rumors surrounding her marriage and has categorically denied claims for divorce against Vito Scalia, her partner. This article delves into the details of Manzo’s life and addresses the truth about her marital status.

Who is Lauren Manzo?

Lauren Manzo was born April 12 in New Jersey. She gained widespread attention thanks to her appearances on reality series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Lauren Manzo hails from a family environment filled with camera operators, producers and directors as her mother Caroline was one of its mainstays and father Albert Manzo was involved with business management – something Lauren attributes her success in her profession to.

Family Ties and Early Life

Lauren’s family includes her two brothers, Albie and Chris Manzo. Vito Scalia was exposed to the entertainment world from an early age and their marriage resulted in an unconventional upbringing for her and their daughter, Annabelle Scalia. Vito also enjoys success as both an acclaimed businessperson and television personality in his own right.

The Truth About Lauren Manzo’s Marital Status

Lauren Manzo is not divorced, contrary to circulating rumors. Both Lauren and her husband, Vito Scalia, have resolutely denied any suggestions of a split. They have maintained a strong, stable relationship through nearly seven years of marriage, a testament to their commitment to each other and their daughter, Marchesa Anna Scalia, born in February 2017.

The Strength of Their Relationship

Despite a reduction in their social media presence, Lauren and Vito have remained focused on their family. Their marriage remains strong and secure through shared dedication and love. Living under public scrutiny presents its own set of unique obstacles; yet this couple have successfully navigated them together while strengthening their bond further.

The Man Behind the Woman: Vito Scalia

Vito Scalia has always been there to offer Lauren support throughout their relationship and was finally present for their New York ceremony to tie the knot after several years together. The rumors that occasionally circulate have not wavered their commitment to each other and their thriving relationship.

A Devoted Partner and Father

As a partner, Vito has demonstrated unwavering dedication and support for Lauren. The couple’s journey into parenthood with the birth of their daughter Marchesa has further deepened their bond. Their enduring love story serves as an inspiration, showcasing their dedication to building a life together.

Lauren Manzo: A Snapshot of Her Age and Career

At only 35 years old, Lauren Manzo has already made her mark as a public figure. Hailing from New Jersey, Lauren has experienced considerable personal and professional growth while managing to navigate being one of the main characters within the entertainment industry.

Parenting and Family Life: Lauren Manzo’s Children

Lauren and Vito Scalia are proud parents to their daughter, Marchesa Anna Scalia, born in February 2017. The joy of motherhood has brought a new dimension to Lauren’s life, creating cherished family moments.

A Central Focus on Family

Lauren places great care and thought into providing her child with an optimal environment, working closely alongside her husband to do so. Family plays an integral role in Lauren’s life – being close with both parents, brothers, and – most importantly her daughter is something she treasures immensely as they assist with balance between being an outspoken professional in show business and their role as parents.


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