Is Madison Keys Related to Alicia Keys Grab the Essential Info


The name Keys, long associated with both music and tennis, has an impressive legacy. Grammy award winner Alicia Keys and Madison Keys of women’s tennis both bear that last name; both women epitomize hard work, resilience and success within their fields of endeavor despite speculations. Let us examine their journeys towards stardom together!

Madison Keys has emerged as an American Tennis Prodigy.
Madison Keys was born in Quad Cities, Illinois on February 17, 1995 and quickly rose through the tennis ranks as a result. Madison is known for her passion and perseverance despite fierce competitions to become one of today’s finest athletes.

Madison was recognized by her coaches at Evert Tennis Academy as a prodigy at just 14 years of age – becoming one of the youngest WTA Tour winners and becoming an early success on her WTA journey. Finally in 2015 when Madison made headlines as she raced through to semifinals at Australian Open!

Madison keeps her opponents at the edge of their seats with her aggressive style of play and adaptive nature; evidenced by winning one Grand Slam on each surface. In addition, Madison has reached quarterfinals at all four Grand Slam tournaments she entered.

Madison Keys’ Achievements
Madison has made history, becoming the first American since Serena Williams to crack into the Top 10 WTA rankings and win seven tournaments (6 at Premier level) including her greatest triumph at 2019 Cincinnati Open which featured as Premier 5 event.

Madison Keys – Is she Related to Alicia Keys?
Contrary to popular belief, Madison and Alicia Keys do not share an ancestral lineage despite speculation surrounding their shared last names. Both their paths and careers differ significantly as evidenced by how each chose his or her path and career decisions; their shared last names simply being mere coincidence.

Alicia Keys Is A Musical Powerhouse
Who Is Alicia Keys? Internationally-acclaimed musician Alicia Keys began composing music at age 12 after studying classical piano in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. By age 20, she had established herself as a professional composer; by 2001 her debut album under J Records “Songs in A Minor” sold 12,000,000 copies worldwide and garnered five Grammy awards – an astounding success story!

Alicia’s albums continue to delight music lovers around the globe and she has quickly become one of history’s greatest musicians. Not only a singer-songwriter and skilled actress herself, she made her acting debut as herself in 2007’s action thriller film, Smokin’ Aces.

Alicia Keys’ Achievements
Alicia has established herself as one of the world’s premier music artists, selling more than 90 Million records worldwide. Through her platform she uses it to fight injustices and champion causes close to her heart; such as Keep a Child Alive’s fight against HIV/AIDS as Global Ambassador.

Family Baume
Alicia Keys comes from an Italian background; her parents are Teresa Augello and Craig Cook while she has three half siblings (Cole Cook, Clay Cook and Kerry Brothers Jr). She married Swizz Beatz with whom they share two sons – Egypt and Genesis.

Alicia is blessed to have parents that provide her with both emotional support and inspiration, providing guidance in terms of creativity while reminding her about life’s essential elements.

Though Madison Keys, Alicia Keys, and other celebrities with similar last names have each achieved greatness in their fields of endeavor, they do not share bloodlines; even sharing last names could just be coincidence, considering all they have contributed to music and sports respectively.


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