Is Michael Bolton Gay? Checkout the Details


Is Michael Bolton Gay?

Michael Bolton, no, is not gay. Bolton has been the subject of many rumors and speculations over the years. These rumours are not true due to Bolton’s long list of women relationships (including his marriage with Maureen McGuire from 1975 to 1990). Bolton and his wife have three daughters. He has also been a grandfather himself since 2010. He is currently in a romantic relationship with Heather Kerzner, dispelling any unsubstantiated sexual orientation rumors. The American singer is known for his romantic songs that have helped him to build a career spanning decades and earning many awards.

Michael Bolton: Who is he?

Michael Bolton (b. 1953), otherwise known by his stage name Michael Bolotin, has become one of the music industry’s icons over four decades of career spanning hard rock/heavy metal to emotive pop-rock in late eighties. He then expanded his repertoire in 1990 into pop-rock ballsads with more emotional ballads.┬áBolton’s emotive depth and variety has catapulted to stardom internationally. He sold over 75 million albums globally and received six American Music Awards, two Grammy Awards.┬áBolton’s iconic hits, such as “How am I supposed to live without you” and “When Man Loves a Woman”, remain classics.

Is Michael Bolton Married?

Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire were married from 1975 to 1990. They have three daughters together named Isa Holly and Taryn. In October 2010, his daughter Taryn gave birth to her first child. Bolton has a strong connection to his family, which is evident in the intensity of his music. Bolton, who is not currently married, is in a romantic relationship with Heather Kerzner. The couple’s public debut was in February 2023. They shared the joy their relationship brought to their lives.

Michael Bolton Current Girlfriend

Michael Bolton, Heather Kerzner and their relationship became public at the MusiCares person of the year gala in Los Angeles on February 20, 2023. Bolton had been engaged to actress Nicollette Herridan at the time, which made headlines. Bolton says he has found peace and happiness with Kerzner. The couple was friends for 15 years prior to their romantic relationship. Bolton is reserved in his discussions of his private life, but he acknowledges that the relationship with Kerzner has brought him immense joy and light.

How old is Michael Bolton now?

Michael Bolton, born in New Haven, Connecticut on February 26, 53, will turn 70 in 2023. Bolton is still performing, recording new music and engaging with his fans despite reaching an age that many would consider retirement. Bolton’s vocal ability and enduring appeal are testaments to a career which has transcended generations and genres. Bolton’s passion and energy for music keeps him in the spotlight. It proves that age is just a number, when it comes down to talent and dedication.

Michael Bolton Net Worth

Michael Bolton’s estimated net worth was $115 million USD in 2023. Bolton’s impressive net worth reflects his record-breaking success and his impact on Billboard charts. Bolton has eight albums in the top 10, as well as two number-one hits to his name. Bolton is also a recipient of six American Music Awards as well as two Grammy Awards. This further demonstrates his versatility and influence in the entertainment industry.

Michael Bolton Children

Michael Bolton values his family. He shares custody with his former wife Maureen McGuire of Isa and Holly, as well as Taryn. Bolton has been a dedicated father over the years despite his hectic career. Bolton’s daughters are now mothers, expanding his family. He is a proud grandpa. The singer often speaks of the happiness that he finds with his family. He emphasizes that even though he has a busy career and a successful life, his family is his most treasured aspect.


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