Is Morgan Brennan Pregnant Check the Viral Info


Morgan Brennan is a co-anchor on CNBC’s Closing Bell: Overtime. She is not only a renowned television journalist but also devoted mother. Even though she has no current signs of being pregnant, motherhood is a huge part of her life. In addition to her professional accomplishments, being a mother of two young children remains a fulfilling part of her life.

Morgan Brennan’s Family Life

Morgan Brennan is immensely proud of being a dedicated mother. In July 2020, she announced her second pregnancy on social media. She shares adorable photos of her family on social media to show off their warm and loving relationship.

What is Morgan Brennan all about?

Morgan Brennan was born in Stamford in the USA on April 26th, 1986. She is known for her role as co-anchoring CNBC’s “Closing Bell Overtime” (M-F 4PM-5PM ET) broadcast live from CNBC’s global headquarters, located in Englewood Cliffs. Morgan Brennan, 37, is a prominent figure in financial journalism. She is known for her captivating presence and insightful reporting.

Background and Early Years

Brennan keeps a low-profile about her private life. She has revealed that both her parents were in the real-estate sector. Her father was a property developer, and her mother a New York realtor. It is possible that her family background influenced her interest in economic and business reporting.

Morgan Brennan’s Journey into Journalism

Brennan’s interest in finance and business fueled her entry into journalism. She studied these subjects and was able to find work in the media after graduating. Brennan is a CNBC Anchor and has many duties. She delivers breaking news, interviews experts, analyzes market trends, etc. Brennan has been praised for her dedication and her ability to clearly present complex financial data.

Morgan Brennan: A Personal Look at Morgan Brennan

Brennan married Matt Cacciotti – an internationally-recognized stockbroker, entrepreneur, and businessman – on August 6, 2011 after dating each other since 2002. The marriage thrived despite their busy professional lives. Both parties worked to strengthen the bond over the past 10 years.

Brennan’s career path

Brennan began her professional career at Forbes Media just two days following her graduation from New York University. Brennan began her career as a video assistant, working on various projects such as ForbesLife Magazine and

She joined CNBC in December 2013 as a general-purpose reporter at CNBC Global Headquarters, Englewood Cliffs. She began reporting for “Squawk Ally” and covered a variety of topics, including manufacturing, defense, space, and more.

Brennan faced a difficult transition when she made the switch from writing to TV. Her talent and dedication have led her to be a cohost on “Squawk on the Street”, starting June 22, 2020. She will succeed Sara Eisen. Brennan is a CNBC anchor who has proved to be competent and respected, despite the demanding nature of her job. She provides viewers with financial news and information.


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