Is Roger Whittaker Married? Who Is His Wife? Know About His Children


Roger Whittaker has experienced life with passion and talent since birthing in Nairobi, Kenya in 1967. A musician and singer-songwriter by trade, Roger is currently living his dreams by touring around Africa performing as part of an internationally touring ensemble called RWM Orchestra based out of Nairobi and playing various gigs around Kenya as an independent. From Africa to Europe It is a fascinating story. Roger’s life is as compelling, not only for his musical accomplishments, but also because of a whirlwind love story and beautiful family.

Early Life in Kenya

Roger was born March 22 in Staffordshire to parents from that county who ultimately decided to move with their three daughters despite some initial hesitation to Nairobi, Kenya. Roger’s father was diagnosed with severe injuries from a motorbike accident and needed to be relocated for his recovery.

Roger’s academic prowess and co-curricular talents shone in Nairobi. He excelled in both academics and choir participation during his years at Prince of Wales School (now Nairobi School). In particular, his participation made an impressionful statement that was amply justified.

Transition from Childhood to Adulthood: Study and Service

Roger’s life changed drastically when he graduated school and completed national service for three weeks, later enrolling at University of Cape Town to study medicine. This shows his thirst for learning. Roger’s path was short lived as after an year and a quarter, he transitioned into teaching.

Roger made his journey to Britain in 1959 to study zoology, marine biology and biochemistry at Bangor University; these subjects provided him with not only academic stimulation but also personal growth opportunities. Roger composed songs for Rag Week at Bangor University, and one of them, “The Charge Of The Light Brigade”, marked his entrance into the professional world of music.

The Music Industry

Roger achieved early success while still in university. The song “Steel Men” made it to the top of the charts. This was a great achievement for a young student. But the real breakthrough came when he appeared on Ulster Television’s “This and That”. This was the beginning of a brilliant musical career.

Natalie O’Brien, The love of his life

Roger O’Brien met Natalie O’Brien in 1964. Natalie was no stranger to music. She was born on August 9, 1941 and came from a musical family. Her father had been one of Britain’s most prominent counterpropaganda figures in WWII.

They were instantly connected. In just three months the couple were married, marking the start of a lifetime partnership. Natalie did not remain in the shadows for very long. She took on the role as Roger’s manager in 1989. This was to ensure that his talent would be showcased worldwide.

Family Ties – Bonds beyond music

Roger has always valued family. They faced challenges in their early years of marriage, though, related to raising children and starting a family. They adopted two girls, Emily, and Lauren. Their home was filled with joy. Nature also had other plans for this couple. She blessed them with three biological kids – Jessica Guy and Alexander. The Whittaker home is alive with laughter from twelve grandchildren.

The musical gene has persisted. Jessica, their youngest daughter, performed with her father on the singles “A Perfect Day”, and “Do You Believe In Miracles”.

Roger Whittaker is a story of love, determination and artistic brilliance. His journey from the classrooms in Nairobi to the global music stage was nothing less than extraordinary. Roger’s musical and personal legacy will be forever etched into history with the support and love of Natalie, his wife, and his children.


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