Is Shawn Booth Married Find the Exclusive Updates


Shawn Booth is excited to become a father with Audrey “Dre Joseph”, his long-time partner on ABC’s reality show. The couple had kept their relationship a secret until recently, but decided to announce their happy news that they are expecting a baby online.

Shawn Booth: Who is he?

Shawn Booth, born in Connecticut on May 18, USA, gained national attention in 2015 as the winner in the eleventh season “The Bachelorette”. Kaitlyn Briswe fell in love with him, and they got engaged. Unfortunately, the engagement ended in 2018.

Booth, who is well-known for his role in reality TV, is also a fitness enthusiast. He has worked as a personal trainer as well as an insurance consultant during and after stints on the show. Booth has been consulting with insurance companies since moving to Nashville Tennessee.

From Reality Stars to Podcast Host

Booth, who gained fame as the “Bachelorette,” has now transitioned to the world of podcasting with his podcast “In the Booth With Shawn Booth”. The podcast offers listeners a look into Booth’s personal and professional life and features interesting guests.

Booth, along with his father, also embarked on a project to restore an 1888 farmhouse. This was a great way for Booth to showcase his diverse interests and skills.

Shawn Booth’s Private Love Life

Booth chose to keep his romances out of the public eye after his engagement and subsequent breakup with Kaitlyn. In July 2023, Booth surprised his fans by announcing on his podcast that his first child was due.

Audrey “Dre”, a photographer of 30 years, is his girlfriend and the soon-to be mother of his baby. They first met in 2005, when Joseph was hired by Booth’s Gym to take photos. Over time, their connection grew stronger and eventually developed into a romance.

The journey to parenthood

Joseph’s journey to pregnancy began with a scare, when doctors warned of the possibility of a nonviable and ectopic pregnancy. After further tests and an ultrasound, the couple were relieved to learn that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Joseph and Booth, as they enter their second trimester of pregnancy, are enjoying the challenges and joys together. Joseph said that Booth feels more energetic, and described it as an almost euphoric experience. Booth has expressed his admiration for his partner and his confidence in both her strength as well as her ability to be a mother.

Look Forward

While Shawn Booth, Audrey “Dre”, Joseph and their family await the birth of their baby with excitement, they respect their decision to maintain the privacy of their relationship. They’ve already chosen names and prepared for a boy or girl, and they are excited about the challenges and joys of parenting.

Shawn Booth’s fans continue to support his family and are eagerly anticipating updates on his journey into parenthood and any new ventures that he might undertake. His transition from reality TV contestant, to successful podcaster, to expectant father continues captivate audiences and maintain his position as a prominent public figure.


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