James Moore Actor Wikipedia Family and Net Worth Get to Know the Insights


James Moore is an award-winning British actor best known for his roles on Emmerdale. This British soap opera debuted its inaugural episode back in 1972 and this article highlights Moore’s professional journey, personal history and disability advocacy activities.

James Moore made an impactful television debut as Ryan Stocks on Emmerdale. Joining in June 2018, Moore quickly established himself in the show while also contributing to Emmerdale Family Trees: an ongoing series that highlights relationships within Emmerdale.

Moore demonstrated his wit and intelligence on Celebrity Chase, an immensely popular quiz show where celebrities battle quizmasters.

Moore is both an actor and passionate proponent of disability advocacy, including supporting those suffering with ataxic cerebral paralysis like his character Ryan who suffers from ataxia cerebral paralysis himself. Recently he spread awareness regarding disability rights on public transport by emphasizing the necessity of kindness and patience when accommodating disabled passengers.

James Moore from Cheltenham possesses many other interests besides acting. James is known to play music, photograph, and participate in National Youth Theatre productions – amongst them, being involved with his local theatre production of War Horse in 2010.

James Moore remains very guarded about his personal life and only shares limited details via social media platforms like his personal social accounts or through interviews. It is known, though, that Moore and Sophie Edwards had an ongoing romantic relationship and engaged on May 1, 2020; her social media is private though many have applauded her dedication and unwavering commitment to Moore’s career and relationship. Their union has garnered much praise.

James Moore does not release their exact net worth to the public; however, internet speculation suggests an estimate of around $1 Million as his main source of income: acting. Although these figures might seem exaggerated or exaggerated depending on who’s providing estimates; it is evident that James’ contributions have brought both recognition and financial success for James in television roles such as this one.


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