Jewish Singer Michoel Schnitzler Passes Away at 62! Discover the Cause of Death


Michoel Shnitzler, a renowned Jewish singer, has died at age 62. The singer passed away on Friday, 14th April, following a massive cardiac arrest in Rockland County, New York.

Schnitzler is best known for his Yiddish songs. In his career, he released 15 albums with more than 150 songs. Continue reading to learn more about the recording artists’ life and career.

Michoel Shnitzler Dies After Massive Heart Attack

Schnitzler spent the last week in Israel celebrating Pesach, a Jewish holiday. He recently returned to New York and was in Airmont village when he had a heartattack on Friday afternoon. Hatzalah was called, a Jewish emergency medical service. The paramedics tried to save his life by performing CPR. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly thereafter.

Schnitzler has been suffering from heart problems for quite some time. A number of times, he was admitted to hospital due to his condition. Social media began to spread rumors about his death a few years ago. The singer released a statement at the time stating, “I am alive, not deceased.” He joked, “I still haven’t divided the inheritance.” Michoel also lost his two brothers to a heart-attack earlier that year.

Schnitzler Released his first album in 2000

Michoel Shnitzler, a Californian born in Berkley, became interested in music very early in life. His career began by singing at Jewish weddings and events. He released his debut album in 2000. He has released 14 albums over the years and sung more than 150 original songs.

His most famous songs are Adoni Hamelech, Tov Lehodos and Punim ChadushesUnity for Justice is another one. According to his official website, he has been entertaining the public for 35 years. He has also worked with Motti Ilowitz and Lipa Schmeltzer.

The Singer’s Tributes are pouring in

Social media flooded with tributes as soon as Schnitzler died. We welcomed Shabbos with the sad news of the untimely death of my cousin and Rebbe, Jewish Chasidic Music Reb Michoel Schnitzler.

“We mourn with a heavy hearts the loss of Michoel Shnitzler. The man, the legendary, and the beloved vocalist of a whole generation. His unique talent was to bring a sense of emotion to every song that he sang, which spoke directly to his listeners’ souls. His legacy will last as a testament of his unmatched talent and unwavering devotion to his art and to the Jewish people”, wrote Rabbi Chanina Sperlin.

Another fan tweeted: “Michoel Schmitzler was an incredibly talented artist.” He was on top of the corruption within the Hasidic Community. He had a lot of love for everyone. Many will miss him, especially those who found comfort in his love.


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