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Who was Jim Price?

Jim Price, a baseball player and broadcaster, became a legend for the Detroit Tigers. Price began his professional baseball career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, before moving to Detroit Tigers. He won 1968 World Series Championship. Price was also one of the very first sports broadcasters to work live on ESPN, a significant milestone. Price’s dual impact in baseball and broadcasting has made him a celebrated sports figure.

What were Jim Price’s achievements?

Price’s accomplishments span his broadcasting and playing careers. Price was a part of the Tigers’ historic 1968 World Series Championship season, where he contributed 18 home runs and 70 RBIs. He became a familiar voice in sports broadcasting off the field. He worked for several Detroit stations, and was the first ESPN live broadcaster. He was a color analyst on the Detroit Tigers Radio Network and provided some memorable insights.

What was Jim Price’s contribution to the community?

Jim Price made an impactful contribution as both an athlete and community volunteer. Together with Lisa, they established Jack’s Place – an autism support charity. His caring personality earned him much admiration among peers.

When and how did Jim Price die?

Jim Price died on August 7, 2023 at the age 81. After an epic struggle against multiple health conditions Рcancer included Рhis passing comes with immense sadness for fans and sports broadcasting enthusiasts everywhere. We honor him today for the indelible contributions made both inside and outside baseball broadcasting studios alike.

What will Jim Price be remembered for?

Jim Price left behind an extraordinary legacy as both World Series Champion and broadcaster, serving the community and taking leadership roles within it. From catchphrases such as “Buggywhip” to his charitable works, Price will remain in the hearts and memories of Detroit Tigers fans forever. Price’s impactful presence as both an on-air broadcaster and community figure ensures his legacy endures for many decades to come.

What have others said about Jim Price?

Jim Price’s extraordinary influence is highlighted in tributes. Chris Ilitch expressed the profound impact Jim’s legacy has had on the Detroit Tigers franchise and community. Willie Horton Price’s teammate described today as being a very somber occasion, highlighting Jim’s exceptional qualities as a friend, and as an embodiment of the Tigers’ spirit. Price’s collaboration with Tigers announcers, and his camaraderie among fellow broadcasters are fondly remembered. They paint a picture that a man left a lasting impression on everyone around him.


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