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John Travolta has become one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors through iconic performances in “Saturday Night Fever”, Grease and Pulp Fiction. Along with this success comes ongoing speculation regarding Travolta’s sexual orientation. This article explores relationships and the way they have affected Travolta’s public image.

Is John Travolta Gay?

John Travolta has long denied being gay; yet speculation about this subject continues in the press.

Travolta has dismissed these rumors as just common male star gossip. Kirstie Ally, a close friend and colleague of Travolta’s, also spoke out, defending his heterosexuality. The rumors continue, fuelled by a variety of claims and controversial photos.

Travolta never confirmed any of these whispers or allegations. Travolta has not confirmed any of these rumors publicly.

John Travolta Gay Rumors Explained

John Travolta first became subject of sexual speculation during his early days as a celebrity during the 1970s. Many anticipated that Travolta’s off-screen life, often filled with women he sexually interacted with while on-screen, would follow a similar course as expected from him on-screen. As soon as these expected relationships failed to materialize, rumors started circulating.

There are many theories as to why these rumors started. Kirstie Ally, Travolta’s best friend, supports the theory that people started labeling Travolta as gay because he wasn’t womanizing openly or causing scandals. Some speculate that fame is the reason for this, as personal lives are often made public.

Allegations and controversial photographs: Do they prove anything?

A pornstar named Paul Barresi, as well as a pilot named Doug Gotterba have both claimed to be in a relationship with Travolta. Barresi claimed to have had a three-year affair with Travolta in the 1980s. Gotterba claimed that they were together for six years. After photos of Travolta kissing a male nanny in 2006 surfaced, speculations were rife.

It is important to remember that all allegations must be treated as such.
Travolta’s homosexuality has not been confirmed or proven. The actor said that the photo with his male nanny was a way for him to greet close friends regardless of gender.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s marriage

John Travolta had three children with actress Kelly Preston during their 29-year marriage. She died in 2020 from pancreatic cancer. It appeared that they had a strong, close partnership.
Preston Preston never publicly questioned Travolta’s sexuality. He stood by Travolta during scandals and tragedies, including the death their 16-year old son Jett.

Travolta’s marriage to Preston for nearly three decades only adds to the confusion surrounding his sexuality. Others suggest that the marriage of nearly three decades does not align with rumors. Some even claim it was a “beard marriage” to hide his sexual orientation. Travolta vowed celibacy after Preston died.

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone Now?

John Travolta is not publicly associated with any romantic relationships since the death of Kelly Preston. Rumors circulated that Travolta was dating Australian TV personality Terri Irwin. These were quickly denied. Travolta has focused on his career and family.

Travolta, according to sources close to him, has no intention of dating or remarrying, as he considers it a betrayal to the memory of his late spouse. Travolta might find happiness in the unpredictable paths of life. For now, he appears content to live his single-life and be a dedicated father to his remaining children.

John Travolta has long been at the center of much public controversy surrounding his sexuality; however, any speculation should remain unconfirmed until Travolta himself comes forward directly and addresses them himself. These rumors will remain confusing and ultimately unanswered until Travolta himself addresses them.


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