Lake Sammamish Float Plane Crash – Where and How did the Float Plane Accident Happen? Read here


One person was killed and another is in critical condition after a tragic floatplane accident on a peaceful Friday morning. According to FAA registration records, the plane in question was a Seawind 3000. This model is rare in aviation, with less that 100 registered in the U.S.

What witnesses observed

Residents who live near the crash scene described a horrific scene. The engine of the aircraft sounded irregular and was on the verge stalling. The plane made several failed attempts before it took a dangerous dive from 50 feet and plunged directly into Lake Sammamish.

Heather Wong, spokesperson for the Bellevue Fire Department relayed to the media the heroic efforts of the residents in the area. When they saw the plane in distress, they dialed 911 immediately. Before the emergency crews arrived on the scene, local heroes had already started administering CPR from a boat.

Rare Occurrences

Wong said that while the Bellevue Fire Department has responded to many emergency calls in the past, floatplane accidents are rare. Wong said, “This isn’t a normal call for us”. Since 2009, the department has responded to just one or two incidents of this kind.

The Immediate Reaction

Lake Sammamish demonstrated courage and altruism. Wong described residents’ quick actions as heroic. These quick responses often mean the difference between life or death.

Safety concerns raised

Janelle Shuey is a Bellevue local who lives close to the crash scene. The incident struck a chord with her. She expressed that floatplanes on Lake Sammamish are common, but she was still afraid of a disaster. Shuey praised her neighbors for their heroic rescue efforts and said that this incident made “her feel lucky” to live in such a proactive neighborhood.

The Bigger Picture

NTSB data shows that this fatal plane crash has occurred twice in Washington since 2023. A Tacoma pilot tragically died in a crash in Queets earlier in the year. The NTSB investigated 26 plane accidents in Washington, which resulted in 14 injuries.

Sarah Taylor Sulick confirmed, as a spokesperson for the NTSB, that an investigation is being conducted into the Lake Sammamish accident, and an investigator has already been dispatched.

This crash is all the more shocking because floatplane accidents, especially involving models such as the Seawind 3000 are rare. Lake Sammamish and Washington mourn their losses and pray for the recovery of those injured as investigations continue. This tragedy is a reminder of how unpredictable life can be and the importance of community during difficult times.


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