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Liam Black, an artist, dancer and choreographer is making his television debut with HGTV’s hit show Flip The Strip. His exceptional painting skills, finishing abilities and unique dance techniques should leave an impactful first impression with viewers.

Liam Black Debuts on Flip the Strip
Liam is delighted to make his first appearance in “Flip the Strip”, where he and his team will transform shared living spaces through artistic creativity and precision. Each project entails his artistic prowess to add flair.

Alongside other male performers, his attention to detail and dancing abilities will bring something extra.

Liam plans on giving their new kitchen and entertainment area the touch of Vegas that it needs with his designs that include an eye-catching fireplace and bar that will leave guests marveling in its grandeur.

What Is Jamie Lynn, Liam Black’s Partner?
Jamie Lynn is Liam Black’s girlfriend. An entrepreneur with multiple talents, Jamie also advocates on mental health matters by dispelling its stigmas.

Jamie Lynn, Advocate and Educator
Jamie’s primary mission is to offer support and resources for those dealing with mental issues, with particular attention paid towards understanding narcissistic disorder as a form of personality disorder which impacts relationships and individuals alike. She has dedicated much of her work towards informing individuals on this matter.

Her compassion combined with an in-depth knowledge of a topic empowers individuals and gives them back control of their own lives.

Jamie Lynn: Her Many Adventures
Jamie Lynn’s business ventures extend far beyond mental health advocacy. She hosts a podcast and provides support to survivors of narcissistic violence; ultimately creating an environment conducive to seeking mental health help in safe ways.

Liam Black and Jamie Lynn: An Engaged Love Story
Liam and Jamie shared their lives online via social media; Liam maintained privacy over his past relationships despite public scrutiny regarding it.

Liam Black Has Kept His Personal Life Private Liam has long maintained an enigmatically private personal life amidst numerous speculations of past relationships; unlike most celebrities he keeps these past connections hidden to focus solely on his professional ambitions and not worry about them being revealed later.

Liam Black appears in “Flip the Strip” to uphold his right to privacy and focus on his career without external scrutiny.

Liam will make his debut debut impressive with Jamie Lynn as his supporting act, showing off his creativity, finesse and dance moves to make an impressive showpiece performance.


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