Lies Of P Release Date, Demo, Xbox and Essential Details


A new entrant is causing excitement and turning heads in the world of gaming. Neowiz Games’ “Lies of P” takes players on an twisted journey that mixes the innocent story of Pinocchio and the brutal undertones of games like Bloodborne or Sekiro. This game is not a surprise to anyone. It has been praised by both the gaming community and critics alike after a captivating demo. You should know everything about the release of this game!

Release Dates and Platforms

Mark your calendars. The official release date for “Lies of P”, which is scheduled to take place on September 19, 20,23, has been set. The game is available on multiple platforms.

  • Xbox One
  • S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • You can also find out more about PCs here.

The developers are generously providing a demo for those who may be unsure about purchasing the game. This is a comprehensive preview that allows players to familiarize themselves with the ambiance and mechanics of the game before purchasing.

Early Access Opportunity

Early access is one of the benefits of certain editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition gives you an exclusive three-day window to play the games. Early birds will be able to dive into the dystopian world on September 16, 2023.

What is on offer?

The range of editions available is quite impressive for a niche title. Three tailored editions of “Lies of P” are available, each with their own pre-order bonus:

  1. Standard Edition (59 $)
    • The base game
    • Bonuses in-game: Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes, Parade Hat
  2. Physical Deluxe Edition (66.99 USD)
    • Standard Edition: Everything you need
    • Exclusive Items: Glasses and Mask for the Festival, as well as The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
    • Soundtrack inclusion
    • Steelbook packaging
    • A book for art lovers
    • All in a collector’s box inspired by a tome.
  3. Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99)
    • Base game
    • Early access for 72 hours
    • Both editions of the game include all in-game content.

Xbox Game Pass members rejoice!

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have some great news. The Xbox Game Pass will include “Lies of P”, as soon as it is released. S, or PC Game Pass – you can immerse yourself in this dark tale without incurring additional charges beyond your membership fee. Game Pass members will not be able to access any pre-order bonus.

Does “Lies of P”, a new movie, deserve the hype?

Neowiz Games’ “Lies of P”, while it may seem an unusual fusion, has clearly put a lot of creativity and thought into the title. They offer a new gaming experience by combining the eeriness and charm of childhood stories with gothic adventures. This game is sure to be a fun experience, no matter how good you are at gaming or whether Pinocchio’s story interests you. We are looking forward to diving into this dark, dystopian world as its release nears.


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