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Who is Luis Rubiales?

Luis Rubiales has long been recognized for both his talent as both a football player and administrator. Born August 23rd 1977 in Las Palmas Spain, Rubiales made an early mark as a central defender in various Spanish clubs before eventually taking up leadership at Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) as President in 2018.

What is Luis Rubiales net worth?

Luis Rubiales is expected to amass an estimated net worth of $5 Million by 2023 due to his long and successful career in Spanish Football as both a player and administrator, serving both roles with great distinction as president of RFEF – one with great responsibility and financial rewards attached.. This has contributed significantly to Rubiales’s net worth. His reforms of Spanish football have made him one of the top administrators in the sport.

How old is Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales will be 45 in 2023. Rubiales, who was born on August 23rd in 1977, is still a major force in Spanish Football at the age of mid-40s. He has displayed remarkable dedication and passion during his career, qualities that will serve him on his journey into football administration.

How tall is Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales is 180 cm tall (5 feet 11 inches). This combination of weight and height was perfect for him to play professional football in the role of a central defensive player. He excelled both physically and from a distance during his playing career. His physical attributes still reflect his commitment and discipline as he transitioned from playing to managing the sport.

What is Luis Rubiales Nationality?

Luis Rubiales is a native of Las Palmas, Spain. He holds his Spanish heritage dear to him – as both an athlete and administrator. Rubiales has been deeply influenced by the rich football culture of Spain, and has made significant contributions to that culture. Rubiales, as president of RFEF plays a vital role in shaping the future Spanish football. He aligns with the deep-rooted passion of the nation for the sport.

Luis Rubiales’ Career Highlights

Luis Rubiales began his footballing career as a professional player before transitioning into one of Spain’s premier administrators. Over his playing career with various Spanish clubs as a central defender, Rubiales rose through the ranks before eventually being elected President of RFEF in 2018. Under his watchful gaze RFEF introduced reforms, upgraded infrastructure, prioritised youth development initiatives and prioritised reform initiatives as part of his mandate for transformational leadership – something Rubiales attributes his success and influence due to being on UEFA Executive Committee membership as part of an extraordinary journey that started before and continues today as one.


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