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Evelyn Brown (previously known as Evelyn Frayer) was a beacon for hope, love and unwavering service. She was born in an era when community and family were the fabric that held society together. She navigated her 81-year journey, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she met. This essay explores the life of a remarkable woman. It examines her family ties, her professional pursuits, and her unyielding commitment to helping those who are battling addiction.

Quick Facts

Full nameEvelyn Brown, formerly Evelyn Frayer
Date Of Birth(Not specified)
Date passedJuly 12, 2012.
ParentsArthur C. Brown and Margaret Conn Brown
SiblingsAnn Sherman (Bud), and Jean Galligan, who died in the past
ChildrenLenni Russel, Fred, Ted, Bette, Dawne, Arthur, Peggi
Descendants25 Grandchildren, 30 Great-grandchildren, 4 Great-great grandchildren
Professional RolesLicensed Practical Nurses (40 Years), Rehabilitation Counselors (25 Years)
Community ServiceMembers of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 50 years and Nicotine Anonymous for 12 years.
Funeral ServiceThe 16th of July 2012 at Bethany Lutheran Church at 10 a.m.

Rooted In Family

Evelyn grew up in a warm family environment as the beloved daughter of Arthur C. Brown and Margaret Brown. The importance of family in Evelyn’s life was reflected by her close relationships with her siblings. Her love for her family was evident. Her nurturing nature was apparent as a mother of seven. The tales of her doting on her expansive clan of 25 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren echo the sentiments of a matriarch who was the heartbeat of her family.

A Healer of Profession and Nature

Evelyn’s professional journey has been marked by compassion. She was a licensed practical nursing for over 40 years and provided care that was more than just clinical. It was also heartfelt. Her empathy was extended to her work as a Rehabilitation Counselor at the Veterans Affairs Hospital. She was a support system for veterans struggling with addictions, showing them the way to recovery and hope.

Commitment for Lifelong Addiction Recovery

Evelyn was deeply committed to the recovery from addiction. She was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 50 years, and became a symbol to many for her resilience and recovery. Evelyn was a member of both the Midpark A.A. Group, and the Sarah Club. Her commitment to these groups was unwavering. Her 12-year involvement in Nicotine Anonymous also demonstrated her holistic approach to addiction treatment.

A Safe Haven For Many

Evelyn was always available to her friends and family, even beyond the official roles she held. She was a well-known figure in the community for her ability to offer comfort and advice. Her genuine concern and compassionate words lifted many people up, giving them hope in their toughest times. In this field, her legacy is the many lives she transformed and inspired.

Honoring A Life of Service

In the days that followed Evelyn’s death, there was an outpouring love and respect. Friends and family gathered to pay tribute to Evelyn’s life. Sunset Memorial Park is her final resting spot, and it reflects the peace and tranquility she brought many people during her life. The visitation held at Tomon & Sons allowed loved ones to say goodbye in a more intimate way. They were able to reminisce, and share memories.

Evelyn Frayer lived a life woven from threads of service, love and dedication. She lived a life with purpose, whether as a mother or nurse, a counselor, a community member, etc. Although her physical presence will not be missed, lessons and love that she shared with others will live on forever.


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