Married To Medicine Season 10 Release Date, Plot, Teaser


Married To Medicine is back with its 10th season, which has been eagerly anticipated. This new season will be a hit with audiences, as it features some familiar faces along with some fresh ones.

A New Yet Familiar Addition

Phaedra parks is a surprising addition to the lineup this season. She has previously appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Spin City. She has years of experience in reality television. Instead of stirring drama among housewives she will now enter the world of medical professionals and spouses. Phaedra is known for her dramatic flair and magnetic personality. Her transition from being a peach-holder to becoming a medical enthusiast will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Returning Favorites

New additions to the show are always welcomed, but it is the return of old favorites that keeps the audience loyal. Jackie Walters and Simone Whitmore will return to their positions, providing the medical expertise as well as personal touch that fans love.

Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb will also be back outside the operating room to ensure that the dynamic remains as exciting as ever. The past involvements of the actors with the show promises another season full of intimate relationships and candid moments.


Lateasha joins the ensemble alongside Phaedra this season. Her connection to Dr. Gregory Lunceford will likely intertwine her professional and personal life with the other cast members in unexpected and new ways.

Alicia Egolum will also be a part of the show as a close friend. She is Alicia Egolum – Alicia Egolum is Alicia Egolum. We’ll have to wait and see how her relationships and expertise will influence the show.

What lies ahead in Season 10 HTML0?

This first-look video shows that Phaedra is going to make a mark in this season. Phaedra makes a bold appearance. Her trademark smile and easy charm promise intriguing interactions.

It’s impossible not to laugh when Phaedra, the ever-present center of attention, jokes that she is “the bride everyday.” This hint at the hilarious confrontations and memorable one-liners you can expect.

Catching up before the Premiere

Fans may want to review or catch up with previous seasons before embarking on Season 10. Married To Medicine The first nine seasons are available for free on platforms such as Peacock, and Bravo app. If you are a long-time fan or new to the show, now is the time to immerse yourself in the world of medical professionals.

Release Date

Married To Medicine Season 10 is a mix of old faces and new, and promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, drama and the undeniable appeal that only reality television can provide. You won’t be able to resist the opportunity to watch Bravo’s season 11 premiere on Sunday, 5th November at 9pm ET/PT.


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