Max Verstappen Will Make his Own Racing Team in 2025


Max Vertappen currently is the Formula 1 driver to beat. The Dutch driver has destroyed the competition with ten wins in the opening twelve races. The 25-year old is on track to win his third consecutive world title in 2018. Verstappen has also ventured beyond F1, sponsoring DTM drivers. The two-time champion is now aiming to create his own racing team. Racing currently supports a number of racing drivers. The Dutchman’s first venture was in sim-racing with Team Redline, before he joined forces with DTM racing drivers Thierry Vermeulen. Max Verstappen has even made a mark in the GTWC Sprint Series. Max Verstappen’s father Jos Vertappen races in rallying under the sponsorship banner of his son.

Max Verstappen has made it very clear that he would like to start his own racing team. The GT3 class is where the two-time champion wants to launch his new team. The 25-year old is not ruling out other future initiatives. “The ultimate aim is to create your own racing team,” he told We will begin in the GT3 category and at some point, we will determine where the ship has sunk .”

The Red Bull pilot targeted 2025 as the year his team would debut two cars. Verstappen said, “A GT3 Team in 2025 should be a good fit.” .”

Max Verstappen is looking for an alternative to Karting in order to climb the motorsport ladder

The GT3 team of the two-time champion has made it very clear that its goal is to win the series. Max Vertappen also insisted on his desire to create an alternative path to motorsports through sim racing. The Dutch driver hoped to create a foundation that would allow sim racers to use GT3 as a stepping-stone to the racing world.

Max Verstappen said, “If I’m going to do something, it has to be right.” I also want to win with this. The point is I can create a step-up from SIM racing to GT3. You can’t only get into motorsports by going karting, because it costs a lot at the moment .”. Sim-racing would offer young enthusiasts more affordable and accessible avenues towards reaching their dream of making Formula 1. As mentioned by Red Bull Driver Daniel Ricciardo, sim racing would serve as a more cost effective and accessible avenue toward reaching that goal.

Max Verstappen remains eager to establish his own racing team. Not only is the two-time GT3 world champion hoping to dominate in GT3, he also wants to offer other pathways into motorsport as he hopes for accessibility of racing – something which may take several years for Verstappen to achieve his vision of making motorsport more approachable.


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