Mya Fuller’s Cause of Death Revealed Get to Know the Complete Info


Mya Fuller, a 22-year old intelligent woman from Murfreesboro in Tennessee, tragically died after visiting a Nashville nightclub. Mya Fuller was discovered dead in the Wilson County woods, a few days after her night out. She had suffered gunshots to both her ribs as well as pelvis.

Unsolved mystery: Details of the crime

Authorities began an intensive search after Mya’s parents reported her missing. In August 2022, the authorities found her body. The medical examiner ruled her death as a homicide. After a thorough investigation by the authorities, Taiyana Tipton (20), Ty’Shawne Bowles ( 20) and La’Myra Pipkins ( 20) were arrested. The motive for the horrific crime is still unknown, despite being charged with murder in the first degree, kidnapping and abuse of corpse.

The revelation that Mya and the accused had not met before the incident was even more shocking. The community is in shock and disbelief at this seemingly random act.

Seeking Justice: the Investigation continues

Nearly one year since Mya was found deceased, her case remains active with authorities still working hard on it and seeking justice on her behalf. Authorities do not consider it “cold”, instead following leads and information as it comes in.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and Mya’s friends and family have established a $22,550 reward fund as an incentive for anyone providing information leading to her killers being caught or prosecuted. It hopes this initiative can encourage anyone with knowledge who could potentially help bring this dream of justice closer.

Remembering Mya Fuller

The community is still mourning the loss of Mya, but they also remember her as a talented and bright young woman. Mya, a talented basketballer, was about to begin her studies at Vol State. Her tragic death has left a void amongst the community as well as her loved ones.

Chris and Tonya Fuler are hopeful that an arrest will be made soon, just as many of the members of Mya’s community do who want closure over her tragic death.

Anyone with information about Mya’s murder and disappearance should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously to help bring closure and justice to Mya’s family.


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