N3on Net Worth, Bio, Age, Personal Life and Career


N3on is more than just a YouTube star. He is also a gaming sensation, especially in the NBA 2k world. N3on was born in the United States on August 13, 2004. His rise to fame is astronomical considering his age. He is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube stars in the US today, with a net worth of $5 million.

How did N3on become so popular on YouTube?

NBA 2k is extremely popular with basketball fans and gamers alike. N3on has found his niche within this community by creating captivating gameplays, riveting comments, and 1v1 challenges. His NBA 2k expertise and entertainment value put him on par with other YouTubers such as JesserTheLazer.

N3on has a huge following of over 280,000 subscribers. It’s clear that his content is popular with a large audience. His dedication to regular uploads, unique gaming strategies and lively commentary has made his N3ON channel on YouTube a favorite destination for NBA 2k enthusiasts.

What do we know about N3on?

N3on was born Rangesh Mutama and has Indian roots. This adds an extra layer of interest to N3on’s personality, particularly for his fans who enjoy the diversity of his YouTube gaming community.

Information about N3on’s ethnicity and other personal details is scarce. Public curiosity also extends to his political and religious views. However, these are private. Fans who are interested in learning more about N3on’s religious beliefs and political views will have to wait to see if he decides to reveal more information.

Does N3on have a current girlfriend?

Fans are always curious about celebrities’ relationship status. N3on is single as of January 12, 2023. He has never been in a relationship before, nor was he previously engaged. As N3on ages and experiences new things, this may change. The fans and followers of N3on will be looking out for any new developments in this area.

What about N3on’s physical Appearance?

N3on is known for his gaming abilities, his commentary and his personality, but there are few public details about his physical characteristics. His height, bodyweight and measurements remain unavailable to the general public. Given his internet-centric presence, it makes sense that certain details would remain private. His audience is primarily interested in his gaming content, not his personal information.

N3on or Rangesh Mutama is undoubtedly a rising star within the YouTube gaming community. He has become a household name for his NBA 2k prowess and engaging content. There’s much we know about his achievements and online persona, while there still lies some mystery around his personal life. Celebrities must strike an equilibrium between public and private lives and fans will undoubtedly support and follow them along their journeys.


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