North Dakota School Bus Crash – 1 Died and Multiple Injuries Reported In School Bus Pickup Crash


A school bus transporting the Hatton Northwood High School volleyball team was involved in a tragic accident with a pick-up truck on Thursday. The accident occurred on North Dakota’s state highway 32 near the town of Petersburg.

Immediate after-effects

North Dakota Highway Patrol quickly released a press release detailing the events. The crash took place around 3:45 pm, six miles south-east of Petersburg. Tragically, one person lost their life in this accident. Unfortunately, the victim was declared dead at the scene of the impact.

In addition to the deaths, several members from Hatton-Northwood’s volleyball team were injured on board the bus. They were taken to Grand Forks hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Limited Information on Injuries

Patrol Sgt. Wade Kadrmas, of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, made a public statement about the incident. He confirmed the accident and hospitalizations but did not give any further details about injuries on the bus.

Raising Questions about Road Safety

This tragic event has brought back the debates on road safety. Especially concerning the school transport and routes that they use. Many are anxiously awaiting a detailed report as authorities and investigators collect all the facts about this accident. This accident serves as a reminder of the dangers that exist on highways and how important it is to adhere to safety precautions.

Community Response

This accident has shaken many communities in North Dakota. Especially those that are directly connected to the Hatton Northwood High School. Schools serve as the cornerstones of many communities and incidents like this one are felt throughout them, sending shockwaves through all parties involved and prompting support networks to rally around affected students, families and staff members in coming days.

Moving forward

Investigation is under way and all communities, as well as the entire state, await answers. This incident should serve as an alarm bell to review safety protocols in relation to school transportation and make any necessary improvements or revisions as soon as possible.

North Dakota Highway Patrol, along with other agencies concerned about road safety will also intensify their efforts. They’ll focus on routes heavily used by school buses.

The tragedy of the collision on state highway number 32 is not only a local issue, but also a reminder to all of us of the importance of driving safely. The entire nation is watching, grieving, and hoping for a safer road future as the communities of Hatton, Northwood, and surrounding areas rally to support the families affected.


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